TURTLE! - 10 October 2014

Tour Time : 11:30am (departed 11:15am - 15 minutes early)

Guests from : Carnival Conquest

Star Stingray : Kim

It is never rain that we are concerned about for our tours in Grand Cayman, after all, everyone gets wet getting in the sea! Wind is our main concern and can make conditions both very unpleasant and unsafe.

Female Green Sea Turtle - Snorkel Grand Cayman

Female Green Sea Turtle - Snorkel Grand Cayman

For today's tour, the wind was up, not badly, but enough to make conditions a little choppy. But as usual, Captain Mario worked his magic, and went against the traffic, stopping first at Starfish Point, then doing the snorkel stop and lastly Stingray City Sandbar. Because of this, he anchored Big John into a perfect spot and the sandbar was shared between just ourselves and another boat.

The absolute highlight of today's tour was the spotting of a Female Green Turtle - we managed a far shot of her as she was shy (which makes us perfectly happy). What a lovely moment - this a rare sighting on our snorkel stops and we were overjoyed! Swim on little girl, swim on!

Truly awesome guests out with us today and we hope they enjoy their photos!