Captains Log

18 December 2014 - Stingray City Tours Grand Cayman

Tour Time : 10:30am & 2:15pm - CANCELLED DUE TO SEVERE CONDITIONS

Guests from : Norwegian Epic, Carnival Magic, Nieuw Amsterdam, Comfort Suites, Marriott, Sunshines Suites, Grand Cayman Beach Suites, The Reef Resort

A rather misleading title for this post ...... more like NON Stingray City tours in Grand Cayman!

 Grand Cayman tours and excrusions

Cruise visitors and on-island visitors alike all excited about visiting the beautiful stingrays at Stingray City Sandbar during their visit to Grand Cayman, only to be informed by Captain Mario that after an awful lot of consideration, both tours for today were to be cancelled. We can be happy without sunshine, we can keep our guests protected from rain, but high winds are a cause for concern and create unsafe conditions. Swells and waves are experienced, and it is not optimal to have a 41 foot boat raising up and down by over 6 feet while guests snorkel or cuddle stingrays close by.

 Snorkel Grand Cayman

It is never an easy decision for the Captain. He is well aware that this may perhaps be the only opportunity they have for this experience, and how very disappointed they will be at a cancellation. But we prefer to put the safety of our excursion guests before "wants" and before financial consideration. There are operators who will go out in these conditions, but we are not one of them.

Let's hope this weather passes soon - it has been one of the longest cold fronts that Captain can remember........