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CANCELLED TOURS ... and the season of disappointment

 Stingray City Sandbar in Grand Cayman

November ... the month that blows business away!

This is a tough month for Grand Cayman Stingray City tour operators - after the long and quiet season that stretches through September and October, we then need to contend with November/beginning December - the season of high winds which bring unsafe conditions in the North Sound.

We express our sincere thanks to those guests who have received the news of cancelled tours with understanding. We are a company that pride ourselves in putting safety before financial consideration, and would not dream of putting guests into a bad situation simply to make a much needed buck.

We understand how much you look forward to our tours and visiting the rays, and completely empathise with your disappointment. It is our hope that we will be fortunate enough to have another opportunity to host you in safer conditions!

Naturally, at these times there are thankfully a minority of guests who voice vitriolic abuse at the crew & office staff (as well as promises of bad Trip Advisor reviews), when losing business due to circumstances beyond our control can be very hard to swallow. And yes, we are aware of operators still touring in such conditions - it is a choice we completely disagree with.

We can only stoically wait out the bad weather whilst praying for better conditions and days when we can again safely and cheerfully have the privilege of sharing these beautiful Caribbean spots with our guests.

Wishing you all safe and happy travels!

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As if Captain Mario did not have enough food for thought yesterday!

We have been watching, with some consternation, the stormy weather forecasted for the next few days - this wreaks havoc on tour schedules and leaves a lot of island guests unhappy about missing out on a visit to Stingray City. But there is no getting around 20-25 knot winds out in the North Sound and the unsafe conditions they produce. Frantic re-rescheduling becomes the order of the day and it is a horrible frustration not being able to assist everyone with alternative arrangements.

These tropical storms are very often preceded by an incredibly still and beautiful day - the "quiet before the storm" is no falsehood - it's as if Mother Nature holds her breath for a moment before letting loose and puffing with all her might. 

But just to add the "cherry to the top", Mother Nature decided to add a Queen Bee to the mix, and of all the places for her to find a spot, it would be our diver's flag while anchored at Coral Gardens yesterday! 

The calm before the storm - snorkelers enjoying the Coral Gardens in Grand Cayman while a tropical front starts moving in ......

The calm before the storm - snorkelers enjoying the Coral Gardens in Grand Cayman while a tropical front starts moving in ......

"First do no harm" is a mantra that we try to live by, and so the crew decided the most prudent course of action was to take a slow, very slow, trip back to dock. We hope that our human guests enjoyed the somewhat extended tour - the little colony was still in situ this morning so we must assume that they rather enjoyed the ride!

We have now had them moved to a safe spot and we hope they are happy. The irony of being less concerned about stingrays than of small flying insects was not lost on the tour group though, and we hope that they remember a truly unique tour for a long time to come!