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Hope our guests likes this picture of him taking a picture of a Barracuda. Hope he got a great shot of the Barracuda.

Our tours and excursions have become quite popular, not only because our crew genuinely love what they do, but because we take photos for our guests and share them for free.

It is photos like the one below that we hope become treasured by our guests. Many have voiced that they love not having to cart their cameras and can relax knowing Captain Mario is doing the job. They are welcome to bring their own equipment - there is no prohibition of them taking their own photos.

Captain Mario tries to take as many shots as he can, depending on conditions. If the prevailing weather is serving up tropical conditions, he is more concerned about the safety of his guests, but quieter conditions allow him the freedom to follow our guests around and get some memorable photos. The photos also bring each day's tour alive for the office staff, and keep them in touch with what is happening out there.

Hope we can host you soon and share some equally great shots with you!

Man meets Barracuda ... Grand Cayman snorkel tour

Man meets Barracuda ... Grand Cayman snorkel tour

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Determination pays off occasionally.......

Of course there is ALWAYS argument about whether it is stubbornness or determination ..... anyways .....

On Friday just past, our Captain noted that there were not one, but two brown pelicans at Starfish Point (see post here). Initially, one had previously been spotted and named "Rasta" by our 1st Mate Dwayne, but then a second pelican appeared!!

Two of the Brown Pelicans spotted at Starfish Point in Grand Cayman

Two of the Brown Pelicans spotted at Starfish Point in Grand Cayman

Mandy (pale skinned office slave of the company) had not managed to get out on the boat since October - but this was NOT to be missed. And so it was that poor Captain Mario was forced into turning the boat back from the dock at the end of the morning tour - he might have been able to refuse Mandy, but definitely not his daughter Gina who was itching to see Starfish Point - her all time favourite place on the island!!


Starfish Point revealed not one, not two, but THREE pelicans!! They had become the centre of attention and were happily whooping it up - swooshing through the air over our heads and just generally showing off their flying skills. They do not make very elegant landings, we must say. They fly over head so gracefully but tended to look like an inebriated party-goer trying to negotiation an "invisible" glass door - just a big splat with wings and legs everywhere! 

They put on this display for some 10 minutes before taking off for another spot, so what luck we had in witnessing them - awesome moment! 

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3 December 2014

Tour Time : 09:30am (departed 9:35am as we aided another operator to start boat)

Guests from : Celebrity Equinox, Nieuw Amsterdam, Park Place

Star Stingray : Dark Vader

Our tours and excursions to Stingray City and various snorkelling sites in Grand Cayman are never the same, what with meeting new guests and seeing new things every day.

The tropical weather conditions have still not settled down and might not for a couple of days, but we can always hope.

A lot of fun had on this tour with our cruise and hotel guests, one even feeling sorry for 1st Mate Duayne because all the stingrays were getting the kisses and not him. So she plonked one on him - that gave him something to smile about for the rest of the day!

Really, really beautiful colours at Starfish Point - this Cayman beach is just so typically caribbean and breath taking - a tiny bit of paradise.

Everyone had a great time marvelling at the Starfish (Sea Stars) and one little toddler could not get enough kisses onto them - perhaps she was wishing for her prince!

 Things to do on vacation in Grand Cayman

Only a morning tour today, so the crew are happy to be out again, but still yearning for more. Let's hope that Caribbean sunshine comes back for good real soon!