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Mudslide - any Grand Cayman visitor or resident would immediately think "Rum Point" - the home of the famous Mudslide cocktail which can make the earth slide out from under your feet in the most fun of ways. Their first thought is not usually of a stingray ...

However, any guest who has been out with us or read our reviews, will know that we absolutely adore the stingrays that we see daily at the sandbar, and name the "girls" for their characteristics due to individual colourings, markings and personality.

Some of them are Barbara, Dark Vader and Lilly. But we now introduce another lovely dame who deserves much respect and love - Mudslide!

Mudslide the stingray giving and feeling the love at the sandbar in Grand Cayman

Mudslide the stingray giving and feeling the love at the sandbar in Grand Cayman

The name was earned from mostly visiting guests at Rum Point, but recently she has moved over to the sandbar at Stingray City. Captain Mario estimates her age at approximately 30 years (yes, human years) which we believe makes her the second oldest - Scarface is the oldest one there! 

She is one of the most lovable and sweet girls. Although her skin is a little rougher than most other rays because of her age, she is incredibly gentle when being held, taking food and appears to be particularly fond of children.

She is identified by the darker "ring" of colour around her edges and because her tail has been cut short at the point of her barb - it is not known how this might have happened.

We are loving having her at the sandbar, as are our excursion guests, and we will be keeping an eye open for her to give her extra love and attention which she deserves.

Next to we make it out to Rum Point, we will raise a Mudslide to you lovely lady - may you be with us for a long time to come!

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There's nothing like a photo to tell a story, so here goes ......


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The start of the Caribbean hurricane season has passed us - 1 June - and boy did the season start with a bang!

Before we could utter the words "hurricane preparedness", the first tropical depression was upon us, and it was big and moody and miserable and wet, wet, wet, with inches of rainfall coming down on this little island. Flooding occurred in the lower lying regions - well, with our highest point being just 60 feet above sea level, this allows for a lot of area to be flooded!

Many pre-booked guests contact us asking if we go ahead with tours if the skies are a little cloudy. The answer is always a resounding yes!! The island may be small, but you will be amazed at the disparity of the weather conditions over just a few miles. It can be cloudy and choppy along Seven Mile Beach, while the North Sound where the stingray sandbar is found, is gloriously sunny and smooth (and vice versa).

Rain doesn't stop us either, as the same conditions as described above can be prevalent. It is not uncommon for the office to contact Captain Mario to check that everyone is doing okay with the "sudden squall" only to be told that the excursion is enjoying magnificent conditions! Besides that, you ARE going on a sea tour and we figure that you are going to be getting wet anyways.....

But wind. Now that it our enemy. Some winds coming from certain directions actually make for awesomely beautiful conditions for our visits to the reef, Starfish Point and Stingray City. But then there are the ferocious winds that can make the sound worse than a witch's cauldron! And THAT is when we cancel tours. 

"Big John" our faithful boat can handle these conditions, but when you have six foot swells, horribly dubious visibility and high winds - all you need are some intrepid guests thrown into the fray to have a tour end not so happily.

We don't enjoy cancelling tours. Firstly, our crew actually love what they do and a day without the sea means very long faces in the office. Secondly, for a small family concern such as ours, it means a loss of much needed income. Cancelling tours is not done on a whim, or because we want a day off, or because we suddenly have something better to do. We cancel tours when it is not safe to continue with the excursion in the prevailing weather. Safety first. Always.

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Stingrays : (New comer to be named) and Stumpy

Enjoying some snorkel time in  Grand Cayman

Enjoying some snorkel time in Grand Cayman

There is such a wonderfully giddy vacation feeling around the island - the sun is out, the wind has tamed down into a cool caribbean breeze, the first post-christmas pay-day has hit the accounts and all is good....

Even Rasta has found a girlfriend! Rasta is a brown pelican that our crew have been noticing around Starfish Point lately - and yesterday they noticed that he now has a female feathered friend. What a lovely way for him to start 2015 - obviously, Captain Mario has been commanded by the office to now get a photo of the loving couple! Don't know if she is as pretty the Miss Cayman Islands contestants, but am sure Rasta thinks she is.

Our tour guests have been a great, fun and adventurous bunch and we have been delighted to welcome them to the island and share the splendours of our snorkel sites.

Every now and then, we endure a sudden disappearance of a large majority of the stingrays from the sandbar. It is ghostly without them, and we think we know why this happens, but cannot yet prove it. The usual "girls" were nowhere in sight, but along came a new comer - Captain Mario believes this one was probably from Deep Stingray City - but she was nonetheless an absolute charmer. Looking for a name for her now....... The disappearance only happens for a day or so, and everything gets back to normal within 24 hours!

Tandem stingray delight at the Grand Cayman sandbar

Tandem stingray delight at the Grand Cayman sandbar

All in all just another two magnificent days in paradise ...... thank you so much to our visitors - we hope that you will can be lured back to Grand Cayman for another excursion with us soon!