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3 March 2015 - Catch up!

It has been some time since we posted news - we can't believe that the year has already hit the 3rd month! We also cannot believe how much wind we are still experiencing and since we last spoke, there have been days of triumphant tours interspersed by days of cancelled excursions (and the accompanying disappointment and grey moods)!

 Things to do on Grand Cayman


Cancelled tours means that we, as a family, have some time to spend together and be social - a rare and precious gift during high season, and we have greatly enjoyed the Cay Dance Festival as well as the Red Sky at Night Festival. Cayman Brac celebrated their Agricultural fair the weekend just past, and on Friday 27th, a superb fund raising evening was held at the cruise terminal to raise money to rehabilitate the enormous area of coral destroyed by the Carnival Magic's anchor. Some $27,000.00 dollars was raised during the evening, and the island has today been excited to hear that Carnival has donated $100,000.00 towards the recovery efforts which have so far been carried out by volunteers and local dive companies for free. If you would like to follow more news on the recovery efforts, the Facebook page is Cayman Magic Reef Recovery.

Monday saw Captain Mario standing on the stingray sandbar with the water reaching just up to his calves - a sure sign of turbulent weather to come. We were proven correct, with yesterday's tour being a tough one with choppy weather. The cruise ships arrived late, and this factor on top of high swells mean that we had miss Starfish Point - always disappointing for our guests. But they were awesome and soldiered on and got their fair share of kisses from the willing "girls" at Stingray City.

But we have been constantly delighted to see "Barbara" at the snorkel sites when we have managed to get out there, and she is always wearing her Mona Lisa smile. We hope that she has brought wonderful memories to our island visitors, and hope to share her with many more! 

 Things to do on Grand Cayman

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If you have read the Captain's Log recently, you will know we have been suffering a truly long and horrible tropical cold front for longer than we care to think about. Very high winds blowing in the wrong direction meant that the North Sound was very inhospitable to tours and excursions, and many of our guests were left disappointed at cancellations. However, we refuse to put financial considerations before safety of our guests ...... ever.

So, today's tour under blue skies and Caribbean sun was an absolute delight, and everyone island wide were in the mood for fun and frolic - including Barbara the stingray, it would seem.

Barbara and Stumpy have been joining us quite regularly at our snorkel stops lately, playing "tag" with the guests and generally being inquisitive. Today Barbara joined us again, before flirting with Captain Mario and allowing him to take her over to the guests for a meet and greet. Barbara is Captain Mario's favourite, and she knows it, giving him puppy dog looks and kisses. She also followed us over to the Sandbar at Stingray City where she continued to work her charm on our tour guests.

Our deckhand JR captured these awesome pictures of the interaction and we hope you enjoy!

Captains Log, Excursions, Stingray City

20 December 2014 - Grand Cayman Stingray City tours

Tour Time : 9:30am (departed 9:30am)

Guests from : Island Princess cruise, Aida Bella cruise, residents

Star Stingray : Barbara

 Grand Cayman snorkelling is the best in the Caribbean

It is tempting to say that "Barbara" was the star of today's tour, but I think perhaps she came second today.

Although she was the perfect host at Stingray City Sandbar, cuddling and kissing her gorgeous heart out, there was one tour guest who had NEVER set foot in the ocean before, and she did it today, with us, with stingrays swimming around. WAY TO GO!

We have hosted many island visitors who are unable to swim, and they have trusted our crew enough to join in the snorkelling and maximise their visit to some of Grand Cayman's best attractions. But to have someone who  has never even put her foot into an ocean before, do it with us AND do it with stingrays .... well ... we think she is a pretty awesome woman!

Mom has never been in the ocean before .... but she did it with us and the stingrays! Kudos!

Mom has never been in the ocean before .... but she did it with us and the stingrays! Kudos!

Unlike yesterday's tour, today everything went perfectly and the excursion was great. The gorgeous Caribbean sun was out and the island was bathed in the holiday feeling again ... if there were any destination weddings on the go today, we are pretty sure that they were accompanied by huge sighs of relief after the tropical cold fronts we have been experiencing!

And yes, Barbara, you can go back to being the star again tomorrow!

Excursions, Stingray City, Starfish Point

5-7 December 2014

Tour Time : Various times over weekend (all on time)

Guests from : Carnival Pride, Island Princess, Carnival Splendour, Treasure Island, Coral Stone Club, Marriott Grand Cayman, Aida Bella, Caribbean Princess, Silversea Spirit, Tamarind Bay, Grand Cayman Beach Suites

Star Stingray : Kisses & Snowflake

Conditions over the weekend were still choppy, but at least we had some of that beautiful tropical sun shining down on us! The guests were awesome and let nothing phase them on the tours, and we managed to have a tremendous time snorkelling and visiting the Stingray City Sandbar. Starfish Point also looked all shiny and new with incredible colours and was a pleasure to visit! 

We'll let the pictures do the talking.......



Stingray City in Grand Cayman is one of the best attractions on the island, and guests on their caribbean vacation here cannot leave without kissing them! The Stingray Sandbar provides a unique spot to cuddle, feed and even kiss the southern stingrays!

But lets not forget another less known Yellow Stingray. Incredibly well camouflaged, they are not often spotted on our snorkel tours, but are a delight to see. Pretty and timid, they keep very much to themselves. Far smaller than the southern stingrays (normally no wider than 50cm), they can nonetheless give you a good sting with their barb.

But as always, common respect means we can just enjoy each other's company! Come snorkelling with us in this beautiful Cayman Islands site!

Little yellow stingray 

Little yellow stingray 

Snorkel, Captains Log

2 December 2014

Tour Time : 10:30am (departed 10:40am)

Guests from : Marriott Grand Cayman, Independence of the Seas, Carnival Victory, Treasure Island Hotel

Star Stingray : Kisses

What an amazing day for everyone!

The last two weeks has made our crew miserable, with countless shore excursions being cancelled due to a cold front. Grand Cayman does experience particularly moody weather at the end of hurricane season, but this lot has lasted longer than Captain Mario can remember!

So it was with great excitement that we collected our visitors for the day and set off on Big John. Conditions were still topsy-turvy, but guests and crew were ready to take it on!

The snorkel stop at Coral Gardens was immense fun - the stingrays were out in force with 3 or 4 of them providing entertainment and company.

Stingray City was especially awesome!! The Cayman Islands Marine Police had kept the stingray sandbar closed earlier in the morning, but we worked our way round that and returned later - it had been opened and we were just one of two tour operators there! A big whoop went up from our cruise guests - they were SO happy they had come with us instead of with the cruise tours who had missed the experience.

The "girls" were hungry and wanted a lot of attention, and crew and guests were only too happy to dish both out!

This excursion was an absolute delight after having to disappoint to so many island visitors over the last 14 days .... keep the good weather coming Grand Cayman!

Fish photo-bombing and misplaced stingray kisses!

Fish photo-bombing and misplaced stingray kisses!