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Coral along the reef in Grand Cayman

July 16 brought on a pleasant enough day in Grand Cayman, offering the the full gamut of tropical conditions throughout the day, which means never a dull moment!

On this day we hosted a private tour for two wonderful guests from the Ritz Carlton. On the itinerary were the ever popular attractions Stingray City Sandbar and Starfish Point, but being great lovers of snorkelling, it was a great pleasure to take them some of the best snorkel sites that can be found along and near the Cayman Reef.

The caribbean waters were relatively clear and showed up splendid colours. Some of the best sightings were of the coral, gorgeous colours along the reef as well as sightings of tropical fish such Angel Fish, Blue Tang and a Yellow Stingray to name a few.

A great excursion which we hope left our guests happy - we know our crew just loved every moment with them and returned feeling all "at one with nature"!

Brain coral - Grand Cayman

French Angelfish against Corky Sea Fingers

Yellow stingray

Smooth brain coral along the reef

Smooth brain coral along the reef

Captains Log, Excursions, Snorkel


On a recent tour, Captain Mario took a picture of this stunning piece of coral which he has named "Mandy's heart".

It is a glorious piece of Brain Coral and is a part of the Barrier Reef found in the North Sound of Grand Cayman. It measures approximately 3 feet x 1.5 feet. This can be found in relatively shallow waters and can be seen while snorkelling - so no need to be a scuba diver! It has formed a heart shape with a few "scars" in it, and never fails to raise a smile from Captain Mario for whom it has special meaning.

We hope you like the photo and are also in awe of the wonder works of nature that have created this. So precious and so utterly, beautifully, delicate.

"Mandy's heart" - a stunning piece of brain coral to be found at the Barrier Reef in Grand Cayman

"Mandy's heart" - a stunning piece of brain coral to be found at the Barrier Reef in Grand Cayman

Hope we get the chance to one day host you and take you to visit it!

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Sea Biscuits and doves of peace

It does not happen often, so we were excited to find a live Sand Dollar making it's slow but sure way across the sands of the North Sound during a recent snorkelling stop. Much like starfish, it is enthralling to witness such little creatures attract the awe of children and adults alike. 


These little fellas are most widely known as Sand Dollars but enjoy different names in various regions. "Sea Biscuit" is the Caribbean name, whilst South Africans call them Pansy Shells. Although thought of as a shell, this treasure usually found on the beach is the skeleton of a type of urchin. Alive, they are considered to have "endoskeletons" ("inner skeletons"), as their bodies (known as the Tests) are covered with fine silky spines and are all encompassed in a "skin".

Sand dollars feed on plankton which is pushed to it's mouth on it's underside, using the spines and cilia like a conveyor belt. These same spines can be used to bury themselves into soft sand, their preferred habitat.

Some love to believe that these sun-bleached Sand Dollars are coins lost by mermaids, whilst others are warmed by stories of the Christian symbolism this little creature carries, not least the doves of peace

Us? We just think we are so very privileged to share the creatures and the beauty of this tropical island and never tire of it, nor the effect it has on it's visitors.