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29 December 2014 - Stingray City Snorkel Excursions Grand Cayman

Tour Time : 9:30 and 2:15pm

Guests from : Ruby Princess Cruise, Villa Pappagallo Condos, Treasure Island Resort, Poinsettia Condos, Comfort Suites

Star Stingray : Droopy

Stingray City Grand Cayman at sunset

Stingray City Grand Cayman at sunset

Captain Mario came back from his tours today whistling and smiling ..... incredibly happy that he had had two excursions where all seemed to go right, even the weather!

The above image taken at Stingray City is unusual in that it does not feature a stingray .... but oh my, what a sunset our guests were given!  Captain Mario was busy taking photos of our guests, back to the light, when something told to him to turn around and boom - this is the shot that he got.

We are holding thumbs that the last of the miserable tropical cold front has left us so that we can welcome our guests onto tours with calm Caribbean waters around and gentle warmth from our winter sun. Stingray City Sandbar seems to be offering up her old jewel colours and the snorkel sites are putting on brilliant displays of colour again. We look forward to seeing the New Year which is just around the corner.......

Stingray City Sandbar  was offering her up the jewel colours again!

Stingray City Sandbar was offering her up the jewel colours again!

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21 December 2014 - Cayman Islands Tours

Tour Time : 2 different tours today

Guests from : Marriott Hotel, Anchorage Condo, Westin Hotel, Oceania Riviera Cruise, Grand Cayman Beach Suites Hotel, Park Place Condo

Star Stingray : Snowflake and Lilly

Barbara gently nudges one of the snorkellers to say hi

Barbara gently nudges one of the snorkellers to say hi

Gorgeous day today! The Caribbean sun which has been MIA for so many days is fighting her way back. Skies are blue and the wind is just cool enough to take the sting out of the sun rays. Brilliant colours all round us with the ocean a sparkling blue. Visibility at the snorkel sight was great and once again Barbara visited us, even giving one of our excursion guests a gentle nudge to say hi!

She has been so social lately, and has played catch and tag and follow my leader with the island visitors - how awesome is she?

 Best snorkel sites in Grand Cayman

We had two pregnant ladies on board and they did so well breathing for two during the snorkel  site visit - we are sure they enjoyed a little of the buoyancy of the water to take the weight off the legs! So many fish around - almost as if they had missed visitors for some time.

 Best snorkel sites in Grand Cayman
 Best snorkel sites in Grand Cayman
 Best snorkel sites in Grand Cayman

The tour included a visit to Starfish Point, one of the most beautiful beaches on Grand Cayman - a little piece of Caribbean paradise tucked away. It is almost a pity to let everyone know about this beach, but how can we not share? A vacation to Grand Cayman island should absolutely include this attraction!

Our visit to Stingray City Sandbar - oh what a pleasure! The tropical winds have died down, and the sea was beautifully smooth. We had a great time taking pictures of the guests kissing the stingrays.

All in all, another day in paradise ....... want to come join us?

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20 December 2014 - Grand Cayman Stingray City tours

Tour Time : 9:30am (departed 9:30am)

Guests from : Island Princess cruise, Aida Bella cruise, residents

Star Stingray : Barbara

 Grand Cayman snorkelling is the best in the Caribbean

It is tempting to say that "Barbara" was the star of today's tour, but I think perhaps she came second today.

Although she was the perfect host at Stingray City Sandbar, cuddling and kissing her gorgeous heart out, there was one tour guest who had NEVER set foot in the ocean before, and she did it today, with us, with stingrays swimming around. WAY TO GO!

We have hosted many island visitors who are unable to swim, and they have trusted our crew enough to join in the snorkelling and maximise their visit to some of Grand Cayman's best attractions. But to have someone who  has never even put her foot into an ocean before, do it with us AND do it with stingrays .... well ... we think she is a pretty awesome woman!

Mom has never been in the ocean before .... but she did it with us and the stingrays! Kudos!

Mom has never been in the ocean before .... but she did it with us and the stingrays! Kudos!

Unlike yesterday's tour, today everything went perfectly and the excursion was great. The gorgeous Caribbean sun was out and the island was bathed in the holiday feeling again ... if there were any destination weddings on the go today, we are pretty sure that they were accompanied by huge sighs of relief after the tropical cold fronts we have been experiencing!

And yes, Barbara, you can go back to being the star again tomorrow!

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19 December 2014 - Shore Excursions to Stingray City

Tour Time : 14:00am (departed 14:40am)

Guests from : Marriott, Westin

Star Stingray : Snowflake

Oh my - how nice to see the sun come out again! The long, nasty cold front that has besieged Grand Cayman in waves for so long now looks to be moving on, and the Caribbean sun is making a comeback!

We are certain that you can identify with days when no matter how well you plan, everything just seems to go wrong! The lethargy of the island doldrums seems to have affected everyone, and the return of the sun appears to have affected all - like a deer staring into headlights .... somewhat stunned. 

And so it was that busses did not collect guests on time and the tour started late. Some things are beyond our control, but giving our tour guests the best possible excursion experience despite a less than perfect start is an absolutely a must!

Our guests found the snorkel sight good and enjoyed the company of the stingray called Barbara who seems to come visit us every day now. Visibility was not 100% but good enough for our guests to enjoy. The sandbar gave us the chance to feed some eager stingrays, and our guests got their fair share of kisses (earning 7 years good luck!).

Starfish Point provided an incredible Caribbean vacation backdrop for the photos there - the sunset turning the surroundings into a beautiful dusky pink.

All in all, a great tour with truly wonderful guests - can't wait to do it again tomorrow!

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18 December 2014 - Stingray City Tours Grand Cayman

Tour Time : 10:30am & 2:15pm - CANCELLED DUE TO SEVERE CONDITIONS

Guests from : Norwegian Epic, Carnival Magic, Nieuw Amsterdam, Comfort Suites, Marriott, Sunshines Suites, Grand Cayman Beach Suites, The Reef Resort

A rather misleading title for this post ...... more like NON Stingray City tours in Grand Cayman!

 Grand Cayman tours and excrusions

Cruise visitors and on-island visitors alike all excited about visiting the beautiful stingrays at Stingray City Sandbar during their visit to Grand Cayman, only to be informed by Captain Mario that after an awful lot of consideration, both tours for today were to be cancelled. We can be happy without sunshine, we can keep our guests protected from rain, but high winds are a cause for concern and create unsafe conditions. Swells and waves are experienced, and it is not optimal to have a 41 foot boat raising up and down by over 6 feet while guests snorkel or cuddle stingrays close by.

 Snorkel Grand Cayman

It is never an easy decision for the Captain. He is well aware that this may perhaps be the only opportunity they have for this experience, and how very disappointed they will be at a cancellation. But we prefer to put the safety of our excursion guests before "wants" and before financial consideration. There are operators who will go out in these conditions, but we are not one of them.

Let's hope this weather passes soon - it has been one of the longest cold fronts that Captain can remember........