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In another life, Captain Mario would have been a pirate - definitely no ordinary Jack Tar (common sailor), rather a fierce but fair version of Captain Hook with the Jolly Roger flying the Caribbean winds! We know, because once he has his pirate gear on we can't get him to take it off again. Well ..... he does weaken at the promise of wenches and stolen treasure, but it takes serious bargaining!

MAKE ME! The look of challenge from Captain Mario

MAKE ME! The look of challenge from Captain Mario

Launched in 1977 to entice visitors to the island, Grand Cayman has become famous for its unique Pirate's Week festival, and this year it is scheduled from 12 to 22 November. This means 11 days of street dances, competitions, tempting local food and drinks, pirate invasions and fireworks! 

It has become one of the islands biggest and most fun festivals, with entire families dressing up and part taking in the mock pirate invasion and kidnapping of the Governor.

The 1650's to the 1730's was the most prolific piracy period of the island, with Edward Teach aka Blackbeard being the most infamous marauder of the Spanish galleons hauling booty from the New World. 

The cutest pirate you ever did see! Fun for all ages at the Pirate 's Week in Grand Cayman

The cutest pirate you ever did see! Fun for all ages at the Pirate's Week in Grand Cayman

Every day of the week, each district hosts a family friendly Heritage Day to showcase traditional crafts such as rope making, silver thatch weaving and dances. Authentic Caymanian dishes are prepared and visitors can immerse themselves in genuine local custom. Throughout the week, there are events for festival goers of all ages to enjoy - a truly unique and memorable Caribbean experience!

We hope that when you need a break from all the mutineering and plundering, that we get the chance to host you on an equally enthralling experience of kissing stingrays at the sandbar. Our crew truly enjoy what they do everyday, they love sharing Grand Cayman's beauty, and look forward to welcoming each new island visitor onboard. 

Now ........ just gotta get the Captain out of his pirate kit ...............


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