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Mudslide - any Grand Cayman visitor or resident would immediately think "Rum Point" - the home of the famous Mudslide cocktail which can make the earth slide out from under your feet in the most fun of ways. Their first thought is not usually of a stingray ...

However, any guest who has been out with us or read our reviews, will know that we absolutely adore the stingrays that we see daily at the sandbar, and name the "girls" for their characteristics due to individual colourings, markings and personality.

Some of them are Barbara, Dark Vader and Lilly. But we now introduce another lovely dame who deserves much respect and love - Mudslide!

Mudslide the stingray giving and feeling the love at the sandbar in Grand Cayman

Mudslide the stingray giving and feeling the love at the sandbar in Grand Cayman

The name was earned from mostly visiting guests at Rum Point, but recently she has moved over to the sandbar at Stingray City. Captain Mario estimates her age at approximately 30 years (yes, human years) which we believe makes her the second oldest - Scarface is the oldest one there! 

She is one of the most lovable and sweet girls. Although her skin is a little rougher than most other rays because of her age, she is incredibly gentle when being held, taking food and appears to be particularly fond of children.

She is identified by the darker "ring" of colour around her edges and because her tail has been cut short at the point of her barb - it is not known how this might have happened.

We are loving having her at the sandbar, as are our excursion guests, and we will be keeping an eye open for her to give her extra love and attention which she deserves.

Next to we make it out to Rum Point, we will raise a Mudslide to you lovely lady - may you be with us for a long time to come!

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Sucks not being able to breathe.

THAT is why we emphasise to our guests to keep the precious Sea Stars in the water. Taking them out of the water is the same as someone holding your head under water - not a good feeling.

Imagine having your head pushed under water all day long, again and again.

They do not belong on your head and are also not rugby balls to be kicked around.

We need to look after life, no matter what form. Just look at these stunning specimens we found for our guests visiting Starfish Point. This is what we want our guests to enjoy, this is the heritage we want to leave to the future generations.

Keep them in the water folks - karma will be kinder.

Starfish Point in Grand Cayman

Starfish Point in Grand Cayman

Gorgeous to look at, so special to hold, but keep in them in the water, so they can grow old

For more on this subject, check out what the kids are saying ...... LINK

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Fan coral and fish silhouettes - the Reef, Grand Cayman

Thought that we would share this particular photo from yesterday's tour - it struck us as being really unique and unusual with the fish swimming behind this huge piece of fan coral and only their silhouettes showing. Nice. Hope you enjoy!

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In another life, Captain Mario would have been a pirate - definitely no ordinary Jack Tar (common sailor), rather a fierce but fair version of Captain Hook with the Jolly Roger flying the Caribbean winds! We know, because once he has his pirate gear on we can't get him to take it off again. Well ..... he does weaken at the promise of wenches and stolen treasure, but it takes serious bargaining!

MAKE ME! The look of challenge from Captain Mario

MAKE ME! The look of challenge from Captain Mario

Launched in 1977 to entice visitors to the island, Grand Cayman has become famous for its unique Pirate's Week festival, and this year it is scheduled from 12 to 22 November. This means 11 days of street dances, competitions, tempting local food and drinks, pirate invasions and fireworks! 

It has become one of the islands biggest and most fun festivals, with entire families dressing up and part taking in the mock pirate invasion and kidnapping of the Governor.

The 1650's to the 1730's was the most prolific piracy period of the island, with Edward Teach aka Blackbeard being the most infamous marauder of the Spanish galleons hauling booty from the New World. 

The cutest pirate you ever did see! Fun for all ages at the Pirate 's Week in Grand Cayman

The cutest pirate you ever did see! Fun for all ages at the Pirate's Week in Grand Cayman

Every day of the week, each district hosts a family friendly Heritage Day to showcase traditional crafts such as rope making, silver thatch weaving and dances. Authentic Caymanian dishes are prepared and visitors can immerse themselves in genuine local custom. Throughout the week, there are events for festival goers of all ages to enjoy - a truly unique and memorable Caribbean experience!

We hope that when you need a break from all the mutineering and plundering, that we get the chance to host you on an equally enthralling experience of kissing stingrays at the sandbar. Our crew truly enjoy what they do everyday, they love sharing Grand Cayman's beauty, and look forward to welcoming each new island visitor onboard. 

Now ........ just gotta get the Captain out of his pirate kit ...............


Pirate's Week Website

Talk like a pirate!

Cayman Airways - official sponsor

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Our last two posts have described the effects of tropical downpours on the sandbar and surrounding waters of the North Sound in Grand Cayman.

We always say that there is never an ugly day in the Caribbean - even storms provide the most magnificent skies to behold. Not nice for island visitors for sure, but beautiful nonetheless.

It is always our pleasure to take photos of our tours and shares these with our guests free of charge, and the snorkel sites, Starfish Point and stingrays provide awesome subjects. 

Yesterday we hosted a standard tour in the morning, welcoming guests from the Carnival Victory and the Marriott Resort and other condos, whilst the afternoon was reserved for a private chartered tour. It was a brilliant day all round, even if the sun was somewhat shy.

The photos of the stingrays came out with unusual colours and smoky effects. We loved them, wanted to share them with you, and hope that you like them as much as we do. Happy day to all!

A stormy sunset ..... quite spectacular .... Cayman Islands Yacht Club

A stormy sunset ..... quite spectacular .... Cayman Islands Yacht Club

 Grand Cayman attractions
 Grand Cayman attractions

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29 APRIL 2015 ... R-E-S-P-E-C-T


This is the name of a great song which most times has a crowd up on their feet joining in and singing at the top of their voices. Awesome song. But it is also the name of an attitude which can sometimes be forgotten.

It is something that we ask our visitors to please remember when visiting the snorkel site - please respect the beauty and fragility around you, respect what nature is giving to you in this beautiful island.

It is something that we ask our guests to show the gorgeous stingrays at the sandbar. These stunning creatures will give you an unforgettable experience - show them respect, and they will reward you with theirs.

It is something that we ask our guests to show the crew - we know our job and we know when it is safe for you to do something and when it is not - please respect their knowledge and the fact they try their best to keep you safe whilst you are having fun.

It is something that we ask guests perhaps changing their minds about doing a tour with us - please respect that we are a family concern. Don't just not show up for bookings. By doing this, you have taken away our ability to earn family income - we need it as much as anyone else does.

 Tours to Stingray City Sandbar in Grand Cayman

It is something that we try to show all our guests - respect for the time they have taken to book with us, respect for the trust that they have put in us to give them a great experience, respect that they have worked hard for the money they will be paying us for our service.

So what is the point of this post?

Please, please, please respect the operators on our island. We work hard for our living and we work hard to provide you with the best we can give you in a very competitive market.

Please DO NOT do as one lady has done today. She booked with three different operators, including us. All great operators trying their best for their guests. She caused chaos for all three operators who were trying to locate her while keeping to their schedule. After much frustration and consternation, it was realised that she had booked with all of them. Her reaction? "So come on now, I want to know who gives me the most for the least - who is going to make me the best offer?"

Captain Mario proceeded to recuse himself from further debate with this lady, and respectfully informed her that he was exercising his right to refuse her attendance on our tour. The rest of our tour guests who had been so understanding in Captain Mario delaying their departure to find this missing guest were delighted at his decision.

Needless to say, Captain Mario was given a lecture about needing to learn respect for people.

But with all due respect, and like most things in life,  you need to give a little to get a little back.

We look forward to giving our guests onboard a great day!