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The golden rule for snorkelling is DON'T TOUCH. Besides the fact that your touch can do enormous damage to precious coral that has taken years to grow, you can also end up feeling very sorry for yourself.

Don't touch - can you see why? Snorkelling in Grand Cayman

Don't touch - can you see why? Snorkelling in Grand Cayman

Sharp eyed Captain Mario spotted this little guy during one of our snorkel tours - the camouflage would make a navy seal green with envy. Below we get closer ....

A little bit closer ...

A little bit closer ...

By now you should be picking up the mouth, the nostrils and the eyes ... you can just see the tail in the background ...

From the top ... the Spotted Scorpionfish ... sometimes called Rock fish by the locals

From the top ... the Spotted Scorpionfish ... sometimes called Rock fish by the locals

And there you have the Spotted Scorpionfish. Some locals call is the Rock Fish. You can call him what you want but you don't want to touch him.

These quiet characters just keep to themselves on the sea floor, hoping for some little creature to pass by and become the next meal. As you can see above, they are masters of camoflage, and are covered in spines which, if you touch him or stand on him, will quickly inform you that the attention is unwanted .... and it is a long and painful memory. You could pretty much say that his sting is worse than his looks.

So, keep the hands to yourselves and have a happy snorkel!

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Snorkelling in the North Sound of Grand Cayman provides many beautiful sights with all the stunning coral formations and rainbow tropical fish that one can expect from our gorgeous caribbean island.

However, we are very often joined by one or two of the friendly stingrays who have ventured over from Stingray City. To watch the delight and amazement of our guests when they experience this is a pleasure which is hard to describe.

The "girls" will often swim next to our guests, or play a game of tag, popping up around the side a coral formation and gliding in close enough for a touch before swooshing off again.

There can be no better snorkel buddy in the world, and a moment like this has got to be at the top of the list of one of the best experiences EVER.

A game of tag ... you're it!

A game of tag ... you're it!

Captains Log

10 March 2015 - Catching stingrays!

Stunning ombre effects - photo taken at sunset at the Stingray City Sandbar

Stunning ombre effects - photo taken at sunset at the Stingray City Sandbar

Tour Time : 10:30

Guests from : Carnival Victory cruise, Independence of the Seas, Ritz Carlton

Star Stingray : Droopy

Oh what a great group visiting the island today! Really great fun, and all gung-ho ready for some adventure and caribbean excitement! Captain Mario had two really good giggles today and wanted to share them with you. 

One lady guest was somewhat unsure whether she wanted to hold a stingray or not. There was no fear on her part, rather a lack of deciding for herself if she condoned this type of interaction with them. This is completely understandable and we love that the public are starting to become discerning about the treatment of wild animals. Well, after some discussion with Mario, the situation suddenly solved itself with one of the stingrays literally swimming straight at the lady and plopping herself in her arms! Of course, that had Mario giving up one his gutsy laughs, and it had the lady guest quite "gob-smacked" and speechless. Mario was super quick to grab a shot of the moment, just in case the lady wanted a digital memory!

Taking the plunge - Starfish Point in Grand Cayman

Taking the plunge - Starfish Point in Grand Cayman

The second giggle was brought on by a lovely couple who just completely fell in love with the stingrays. It turned out that the lady was expecting a little girl soon. The couple were so overwhelmed by their experience, they wanted to call their child after the stingray that had done the honours of hugging and kissing them, and promptly asked Captain Mario what her name was .......... well, long story short, we don't think they are going to be calling their child "Droopy" !!! Out of all the stingrays who come with the beautiful names such as Lilly, Barbara, Snowflake, Angelina, Kim ........ they got Droopy today :-)

We hope that you enjoyed the stories, and hope you have a great "hump day"!

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20 January 2015 - BABY KISSES & STINGRAYS!

Always a complete delight to host the young adventurers that come out on our tours ..... we hope that our love for nature and the beautiful sea creatures leaves a mark and a memory forever.

Tour Time : 11:30am

Guests from : Celebrity Reflection Cruise, Grand Cayman Marriott Beach Resort, Sunshines Suites

Star Stingray : Snowflake

No Shows : 2

Snorkelling at the  Coral Gardens  in Grand Cayman

Snorkelling at the Coral Gardens in Grand Cayman

A lovely, relaxed excursion today - the sun was doing the Caribbean proud - with only 13 guests on board the interaction was even more personal than normal.

The snorkelling at the Coral Gardens was spectacular, with inquisitive tropical fish eager to say hi. Beautiful coral formations witnessed - an incentive to work harder at protecting the Reef for certain.

Loved our little adventurer on-board today and what a kiss Snowflake the stingray was given! We hope that somewhere in that young mind, the memory will remain for years to come, and that he will  treasure this very special moment.

A truly great day out with our island visitors today - we hope they had as good a time as we did!

This little adventurer was all hands with Snowflake the Stingray - awesome!

This little adventurer was all hands with Snowflake the Stingray - awesome!

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Guests from : Celebrity Equinox, Carnival Breeze, Norwegian Epic, Carnival Magic, Laguna del Mar condos

Stingrays : (New comer to be named) and Stumpy

Enjoying some snorkel time in  Grand Cayman

Enjoying some snorkel time in Grand Cayman

There is such a wonderfully giddy vacation feeling around the island - the sun is out, the wind has tamed down into a cool caribbean breeze, the first post-christmas pay-day has hit the accounts and all is good....

Even Rasta has found a girlfriend! Rasta is a brown pelican that our crew have been noticing around Starfish Point lately - and yesterday they noticed that he now has a female feathered friend. What a lovely way for him to start 2015 - obviously, Captain Mario has been commanded by the office to now get a photo of the loving couple! Don't know if she is as pretty the Miss Cayman Islands contestants, but am sure Rasta thinks she is.

Our tour guests have been a great, fun and adventurous bunch and we have been delighted to welcome them to the island and share the splendours of our snorkel sites.

Every now and then, we endure a sudden disappearance of a large majority of the stingrays from the sandbar. It is ghostly without them, and we think we know why this happens, but cannot yet prove it. The usual "girls" were nowhere in sight, but along came a new comer - Captain Mario believes this one was probably from Deep Stingray City - but she was nonetheless an absolute charmer. Looking for a name for her now....... The disappearance only happens for a day or so, and everything gets back to normal within 24 hours!

Tandem stingray delight at the Grand Cayman sandbar

Tandem stingray delight at the Grand Cayman sandbar

All in all just another two magnificent days in paradise ...... thank you so much to our visitors - we hope that you will can be lured back to Grand Cayman for another excursion with us soon!

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2 December 2014

Tour Time : 10:30am (departed 10:40am)

Guests from : Marriott Grand Cayman, Independence of the Seas, Carnival Victory, Treasure Island Hotel

Star Stingray : Kisses

What an amazing day for everyone!

The last two weeks has made our crew miserable, with countless shore excursions being cancelled due to a cold front. Grand Cayman does experience particularly moody weather at the end of hurricane season, but this lot has lasted longer than Captain Mario can remember!

So it was with great excitement that we collected our visitors for the day and set off on Big John. Conditions were still topsy-turvy, but guests and crew were ready to take it on!

The snorkel stop at Coral Gardens was immense fun - the stingrays were out in force with 3 or 4 of them providing entertainment and company.

Stingray City was especially awesome!! The Cayman Islands Marine Police had kept the stingray sandbar closed earlier in the morning, but we worked our way round that and returned later - it had been opened and we were just one of two tour operators there! A big whoop went up from our cruise guests - they were SO happy they had come with us instead of with the cruise tours who had missed the experience.

The "girls" were hungry and wanted a lot of attention, and crew and guests were only too happy to dish both out!

This excursion was an absolute delight after having to disappoint to so many island visitors over the last 14 days .... keep the good weather coming Grand Cayman!

Fish photo-bombing and misplaced stingray kisses!

Fish photo-bombing and misplaced stingray kisses!