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Captains Log, Starfish Point


Great shot of our guests at Starfish Point today - we hope they like it too! After yesterday's blustery weather which cancelled tours, it was a blessing to be out.

Great shot of our tour guests at Starfish Point today

Great shot of our tour guests at Starfish Point today

However, there is a detail which we found quite telling about the heat of the day - do you notice it?

It's hot out there, and this is the only shade ....

It's hot out there, and this is the only shade ....

Caribbean summers are not for the faint-hearted. It is not so much the temperature, but the humidity which can be tough if you are not used to it.

Of course, we love it and would not have it any other way. But visitors, remember to keep yourself covered, keep the sunscreen on and keep hydrated!

Looking forward to taking you on your next tour!

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This Spotted Trunk Fish leads the way ...

This Spotted Trunk Fish leads the way ...

Dazzling water clarity - this photo was taken on our tour which took place August 7 - a day which makes you fall in love with the Caribbean all over again (and again and again!).

At Sandbar where the world famous Stingray City is, - you will often see the Needle Nose Fish and these little guys darting around, trying to snap up any food the stingrays might have missed. Usually very timid, it is not often that one can get close to them, so it was a delight to get this photo, while chasing him across the sands.

They are rather sweet looking and always look like they are puckering up for a kiss - must be spending too much time around the rays!

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5th August brought on the spectacular opening of the 2016 Olympics in Rio this year, and millions of people around the world were spellbound by special effects created by incredible technology. We wish the best to all those athletes who have worked so hard to get to this point.

Meanwhile, we were experiencing our own little special show put on by Mother Nature. We are so lucky to see so many Caribbean sunsets, but have to say that this has got to have been one of the best. This photo really is a point and shoot production, no special effects done by us bar the watermark.

This was taken during a private tour, in the North Sound, heading back to port. Pretty much had everyone on board stunned to silence. Grand Cayman putting on her own show. Just beautiful. And absolutely worth sharing of course.

Grand Cayman fires up her own special effects for the Olympic opening ...

Grand Cayman fires up her own special effects for the Olympic opening ...

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Approaching North Side in Grand Cayman

Approaching North Side in Grand Cayman

No excursion is the same. Each one has something special about it.

Lobed Star Coral along the Reef in Grand Cayman

Lobed Star Coral along the Reef in Grand Cayman

It could be a special moment when a kid gets to snorkel for the first time and you hear the squeals through the snorkel. It could be a turtle sighting or Elvis the eel visiting or watching guests' stress melting away the more time they spend surrounded by this awesome Caribbean beauty.

And then there are days where Mother Nature just seems bent on blowing your mind with beauty. Yesterday was just such a day.

Conch and shell along the reef

Conch and shell along the reef

We hosted a wonderful group for a private tour - with this comes the luxury of taking things as slowly as you want (or quickly if that is your wish although we don't advise this). It is a wonderful opportunity for everyone to chill out and truly enjoy the snorkeling, the coral reef and of course, Stingray City Sandbar.

Mother Nature, simply put, showed off yesterday. Absolutely brilliant Caribbean colours both below and above surface, glorious sunshine, rainbow tropical fish, fragile coral structures and of course, cuddly stingrays made this a tour of vacation memories of note!

Stunning Elkhorn Coral

Stunning Elkhorn Coral

Here we have included some of the photos with descriptions and hope that you enjoy them. I know the crew enjoyed the tour and every moment with the guests, and we certainly hope that our guests left us feeling absolutely relaxed and awed.

Follow my leader with Parrotfish

Follow my leader with Parrotfish

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Grand Cayman vacation and a moment to remember - snorkelling the  reef

Grand Cayman vacation and a moment to remember - snorkelling the reef

Aaaah - we are loving this photo of a group who chose us for a private tour. This was taken whilst out snorkelling - great conditions with the natural caribbean colours gleaming all round. Hope the photo makes it onto their walls and that they join us again soon for another excursion!

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Sucks not being able to breathe.

THAT is why we emphasise to our guests to keep the precious Sea Stars in the water. Taking them out of the water is the same as someone holding your head under water - not a good feeling.

Imagine having your head pushed under water all day long, again and again.

They do not belong on your head and are also not rugby balls to be kicked around.

We need to look after life, no matter what form. Just look at these stunning specimens we found for our guests visiting Starfish Point. This is what we want our guests to enjoy, this is the heritage we want to leave to the future generations.

Keep them in the water folks - karma will be kinder.

Starfish Point in Grand Cayman

Starfish Point in Grand Cayman

Gorgeous to look at, so special to hold, but keep in them in the water, so they can grow old

For more on this subject, check out what the kids are saying ...... LINK

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Fan coral and fish silhouettes - the Reef, Grand Cayman

Thought that we would share this particular photo from yesterday's tour - it struck us as being really unique and unusual with the fish swimming behind this huge piece of fan coral and only their silhouettes showing. Nice. Hope you enjoy!

Captains Log


We have been asked by visitors to our beautiful island why we do not go faster. 

Well, first off, vacations are supposed to be slow and relaxing? Right?

Yes. "Big John" our gorgeous boat can go faster. Do we want to? Nope.

We truly respect and love the nature that surrounds us in the awesome Western Caribbean where Grand Cayman is situated, and we would like for generations that come after us to be able to enjoy this too.

Stingray City Sandbar lies in the North Sound, as do the snorkel sites and Starfish Point that we include on all of our standard tours. The water here is pretty shallow, and is subject to high and low tides.

If we gun our engines and behave like marauding pirates after a keg of sinking rum, we risk churning up the sand on the floor of the sea bed - and disturbing all the precious life forms residing there. We prefer not to.

It is said that a picture paints a thousand words, and below is a picture of the consequence of another operator's boat in a hurry - not a sight that we enjoy.

So, sit back, relax, take a deep breath, enjoy your vacation - and let's look after this awesome beauty!

 Grand Cayman attractions

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29 APRIL 2015 ... R-E-S-P-E-C-T


This is the name of a great song which most times has a crowd up on their feet joining in and singing at the top of their voices. Awesome song. But it is also the name of an attitude which can sometimes be forgotten.

It is something that we ask our visitors to please remember when visiting the snorkel site - please respect the beauty and fragility around you, respect what nature is giving to you in this beautiful island.

It is something that we ask our guests to show the gorgeous stingrays at the sandbar. These stunning creatures will give you an unforgettable experience - show them respect, and they will reward you with theirs.

It is something that we ask our guests to show the crew - we know our job and we know when it is safe for you to do something and when it is not - please respect their knowledge and the fact they try their best to keep you safe whilst you are having fun.

It is something that we ask guests perhaps changing their minds about doing a tour with us - please respect that we are a family concern. Don't just not show up for bookings. By doing this, you have taken away our ability to earn family income - we need it as much as anyone else does.

 Tours to Stingray City Sandbar in Grand Cayman

It is something that we try to show all our guests - respect for the time they have taken to book with us, respect for the trust that they have put in us to give them a great experience, respect that they have worked hard for the money they will be paying us for our service.

So what is the point of this post?

Please, please, please respect the operators on our island. We work hard for our living and we work hard to provide you with the best we can give you in a very competitive market.

Please DO NOT do as one lady has done today. She booked with three different operators, including us. All great operators trying their best for their guests. She caused chaos for all three operators who were trying to locate her while keeping to their schedule. After much frustration and consternation, it was realised that she had booked with all of them. Her reaction? "So come on now, I want to know who gives me the most for the least - who is going to make me the best offer?"

Captain Mario proceeded to recuse himself from further debate with this lady, and respectfully informed her that he was exercising his right to refuse her attendance on our tour. The rest of our tour guests who had been so understanding in Captain Mario delaying their departure to find this missing guest were delighted at his decision.

Needless to say, Captain Mario was given a lecture about needing to learn respect for people.

But with all due respect, and like most things in life,  you need to give a little to get a little back.

We look forward to giving our guests onboard a great day!


Captains Log

10 March 2015 - Catching stingrays!

Stunning ombre effects - photo taken at sunset at the Stingray City Sandbar

Stunning ombre effects - photo taken at sunset at the Stingray City Sandbar

Tour Time : 10:30

Guests from : Carnival Victory cruise, Independence of the Seas, Ritz Carlton

Star Stingray : Droopy

Oh what a great group visiting the island today! Really great fun, and all gung-ho ready for some adventure and caribbean excitement! Captain Mario had two really good giggles today and wanted to share them with you. 

One lady guest was somewhat unsure whether she wanted to hold a stingray or not. There was no fear on her part, rather a lack of deciding for herself if she condoned this type of interaction with them. This is completely understandable and we love that the public are starting to become discerning about the treatment of wild animals. Well, after some discussion with Mario, the situation suddenly solved itself with one of the stingrays literally swimming straight at the lady and plopping herself in her arms! Of course, that had Mario giving up one his gutsy laughs, and it had the lady guest quite "gob-smacked" and speechless. Mario was super quick to grab a shot of the moment, just in case the lady wanted a digital memory!

Taking the plunge - Starfish Point in Grand Cayman

Taking the plunge - Starfish Point in Grand Cayman

The second giggle was brought on by a lovely couple who just completely fell in love with the stingrays. It turned out that the lady was expecting a little girl soon. The couple were so overwhelmed by their experience, they wanted to call their child after the stingray that had done the honours of hugging and kissing them, and promptly asked Captain Mario what her name was .......... well, long story short, we don't think they are going to be calling their child "Droopy" !!! Out of all the stingrays who come with the beautiful names such as Lilly, Barbara, Snowflake, Angelina, Kim ........ they got Droopy today :-)

We hope that you enjoyed the stories, and hope you have a great "hump day"!


29 January 2015 - BLEH!

Give us a break now ...... enough of the winds already!!!

Wow. We have never experienced this much wind over such a length of time. It sure hurts business (and slap in the middle of high season too!), but worse is the disappointment on the faces of guests when we tell them tours are cancelled - that leaves a really bad taste in the mouth.

Today was especially hard - three beautiful ladies who had booked over 6 months ago - gran, daughter and granddaughter - bubbling over with excitement at meeting the stingrays. How hard it was for Captain Mario to tell them it was not going to happen.

The winds had been howling all night and we had hoped against hope that it would all have cleared up by morning. NOT! It was tough, but at the 12th hour, Captain Mario knew it was safest to cancel, and his decision was proven sound when the Marine Police also closed the sandbar.

The next 24-48 hours doesn't look too much better, so we can only hang in and hold thumbs. Them stingrays are going to be real hungry when we see them again!

Stuck on land ... but hey, could be worse .... could be stuck in snow!

Stuck on land ... but hey, could be worse .... could be stuck in snow!

Captains Log, private tours


Determination pays off occasionally.......

Of course there is ALWAYS argument about whether it is stubbornness or determination ..... anyways .....

On Friday just past, our Captain noted that there were not one, but two brown pelicans at Starfish Point (see post here). Initially, one had previously been spotted and named "Rasta" by our 1st Mate Dwayne, but then a second pelican appeared!!

Two of the Brown Pelicans spotted at Starfish Point in Grand Cayman

Two of the Brown Pelicans spotted at Starfish Point in Grand Cayman

Mandy (pale skinned office slave of the company) had not managed to get out on the boat since October - but this was NOT to be missed. And so it was that poor Captain Mario was forced into turning the boat back from the dock at the end of the morning tour - he might have been able to refuse Mandy, but definitely not his daughter Gina who was itching to see Starfish Point - her all time favourite place on the island!!


Starfish Point revealed not one, not two, but THREE pelicans!! They had become the centre of attention and were happily whooping it up - swooshing through the air over our heads and just generally showing off their flying skills. They do not make very elegant landings, we must say. They fly over head so gracefully but tended to look like an inebriated party-goer trying to negotiation an "invisible" glass door - just a big splat with wings and legs everywhere! 

They put on this display for some 10 minutes before taking off for another spot, so what luck we had in witnessing them - awesome moment!