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Starfish Point. Coconut trees. Sea stars. Perfect sandy beach. Pretty much a tiny little piece of paradise tucked away on the Northern side of Grand Cayman. What more could you ask for?

Well, Mother Nature is spoiling us once again and made magic happen with some stingrays starting to visit this spot away from Stingray City.

The girl who started it all - Baby Barbara

It all seemed to start a few months back with one of "Barbara's" babies (Captain Mario's favourite stingray). Barbara has a genetic fault which leaves her without a tail, and as such, her offspring can be easily identified. Baby Barbara was really still quite small, and the crew left her alone, not bringing much attention to her in the hopes of not scaring her away, but always keeping an eye open for her to make sure she was doing okay.

Sea stars AND stingrays at Starfish Point!

Happy to report she has been doing fabulously and seems to have tweeted some other pals to come along to this beautiful beach as well. It is fun to see guest reactions when they are posing with sea stars and suddenly have a stingray swim past them - reactions can be pretty dramatic and Youtube worthy (now there's a thought!). But all in all, we think it must come close to being one of the best Caribbean moments possible and should be rounded off by a famous Mudslide of course!

Have to thank the "girls" for this added attraction at Starfish Point - it was always a favourite spot for us, but it has now become even better!


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Tropical storm Earl edged his way past Grand Cayman this past week, forcing the cancellation of tours over two days. The ensuing disappointment for guests who could not make it out to Stingray City with us was tough on the morale of the crew, who honestly can't wait to make it out every day.

Nonetheless, conditions on August 4 meant that excursions could start again, although clouds were still a moody gray and the caribbean waters were still choppy - adventuresome guests were ready and waiting to tackle the tour - including this awesome little passenger!

She was full throttle all the way, but everyone can have their limit, and she thoroughly enjoyed this ride back to the boat courtesy of Salvador, one of our amazing deckhands. We think the smile says it all!

A smile like this makes our day .... possibly even our week!

Hitching a ride back to "Big John" with Salvador

Hitching a ride back to "Big John" with Salvador

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Fan coral and fish silhouettes - the Reef, Grand Cayman

Thought that we would share this particular photo from yesterday's tour - it struck us as being really unique and unusual with the fish swimming behind this huge piece of fan coral and only their silhouettes showing. Nice. Hope you enjoy!

Captains Log, things to do


In another life, Captain Mario would have been a pirate - definitely no ordinary Jack Tar (common sailor), rather a fierce but fair version of Captain Hook with the Jolly Roger flying the Caribbean winds! We know, because once he has his pirate gear on we can't get him to take it off again. Well ..... he does weaken at the promise of wenches and stolen treasure, but it takes serious bargaining!

MAKE ME! The look of challenge from Captain Mario

MAKE ME! The look of challenge from Captain Mario

Launched in 1977 to entice visitors to the island, Grand Cayman has become famous for its unique Pirate's Week festival, and this year it is scheduled from 12 to 22 November. This means 11 days of street dances, competitions, tempting local food and drinks, pirate invasions and fireworks! 

It has become one of the islands biggest and most fun festivals, with entire families dressing up and part taking in the mock pirate invasion and kidnapping of the Governor.

The 1650's to the 1730's was the most prolific piracy period of the island, with Edward Teach aka Blackbeard being the most infamous marauder of the Spanish galleons hauling booty from the New World. 

The cutest pirate you ever did see! Fun for all ages at the Pirate 's Week in Grand Cayman

The cutest pirate you ever did see! Fun for all ages at the Pirate's Week in Grand Cayman

Every day of the week, each district hosts a family friendly Heritage Day to showcase traditional crafts such as rope making, silver thatch weaving and dances. Authentic Caymanian dishes are prepared and visitors can immerse themselves in genuine local custom. Throughout the week, there are events for festival goers of all ages to enjoy - a truly unique and memorable Caribbean experience!

We hope that when you need a break from all the mutineering and plundering, that we get the chance to host you on an equally enthralling experience of kissing stingrays at the sandbar. Our crew truly enjoy what they do everyday, they love sharing Grand Cayman's beauty, and look forward to welcoming each new island visitor onboard. 

Now ........ just gotta get the Captain out of his pirate kit ...............


Pirate's Week Website

Talk like a pirate!

Cayman Airways - official sponsor

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Sea Biscuits and doves of peace

It does not happen often, so we were excited to find a live Sand Dollar making it's slow but sure way across the sands of the North Sound during a recent snorkelling stop. Much like starfish, it is enthralling to witness such little creatures attract the awe of children and adults alike. 


These little fellas are most widely known as Sand Dollars but enjoy different names in various regions. "Sea Biscuit" is the Caribbean name, whilst South Africans call them Pansy Shells. Although thought of as a shell, this treasure usually found on the beach is the skeleton of a type of urchin. Alive, they are considered to have "endoskeletons" ("inner skeletons"), as their bodies (known as the Tests) are covered with fine silky spines and are all encompassed in a "skin".

Sand dollars feed on plankton which is pushed to it's mouth on it's underside, using the spines and cilia like a conveyor belt. These same spines can be used to bury themselves into soft sand, their preferred habitat.

Some love to believe that these sun-bleached Sand Dollars are coins lost by mermaids, whilst others are warmed by stories of the Christian symbolism this little creature carries, not least the doves of peace

Us? We just think we are so very privileged to share the creatures and the beauty of this tropical island and never tire of it, nor the effect it has on it's visitors.