freedom of the sea

Stingray City, Excursions

11 December 2014 - Excursion to Stingray City

Tour Time : 9:30am (departed 9:30am)

Guests from : Freedom of the Seas, NCL Epic, Navigator of the Seas

Star Stingray : Lilly (1st Mate Dwayne's favourite girl!)

When one sees the beauty of the Caribbean in these photos, it can be hard to believe that in tropical weather conditions, this spot can be quite a cauldron of waves and swells.

These last few weeks has displayed one of the longest cold fronts that Captain Mario remembers during his time on Grand Cayman, but we are slowly seeing the (sun)light again ......

This was a tour filled with a lot of fun and laughter, and was enjoyed by all. Dwayne had not seen Lilly for a while, and was missing the "girl" who has captured his heart - today they were reunited.

So ....... Caribbean waters, Cayman sun and smiles all round today ..... can't ask for much more!