Stingrays, stingray city


This is a title which makes our 1st Mate Dwayne act like a teenager in love ..... he gets a little twinkle in his eye, acts kinda shy, his face lights up with a special grin and then you can see his mind has gone off to swim with the "girls" ......

There is no denying that he has a very special way with the stingrays who are the star attraction at Grand Cayman's famous sandbar where we take our tour guests to meet, feed and even kiss  them.

While Captain Mario is a complete sucker for "Barbara" ("Dark Vader" is being mentioned a lot more these days too!), Dwayne's heart is shared by "Snowflake", "Kim" and "Lilly". He is fiercely protective about the ladies, and wastes no time in correcting anyone who is not treating them with the respect they deserve. But if you REALLY want to see Dwayne at his best, you gotta see him helping the kids kiss his girls ...... his gentleness and patience is palpable, and his face literally beams ..... we think he will make an awesome Grandpa one day!

Yesterday, Captain Mario got the chance to capture some of the interaction between Snowflake and Dwayne - a little dance and little bit of playing hard to get, but in the end, always giving each other reciprocal affection. We hope you enjoy this as much as we do!