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We have been asked by visitors to our beautiful island why we do not go faster. 

Well, first off, vacations are supposed to be slow and relaxing? Right?

Yes. "Big John" our gorgeous boat can go faster. Do we want to? Nope.

We truly respect and love the nature that surrounds us in the awesome Western Caribbean where Grand Cayman is situated, and we would like for generations that come after us to be able to enjoy this too.

Stingray City Sandbar lies in the North Sound, as do the snorkel sites and Starfish Point that we include on all of our standard tours. The water here is pretty shallow, and is subject to high and low tides.

If we gun our engines and behave like marauding pirates after a keg of sinking rum, we risk churning up the sand on the floor of the sea bed - and disturbing all the precious life forms residing there. We prefer not to.

It is said that a picture paints a thousand words, and below is a picture of the consequence of another operator's boat in a hurry - not a sight that we enjoy.

So, sit back, relax, take a deep breath, enjoy your vacation - and let's look after this awesome beauty!

 Grand Cayman attractions

Starfish Point, Captains Log

16 December 2014 - Shore Excursions Grand Cayman

Tour Time : 10:30am (departed 10:30am)

Guests from : Independence of the Seas, Major Rod's hostel

Star Stingray : Lilly

Underwater fun while  snorkelling in Grand Cayman

Underwater fun while snorkelling in Grand Cayman

Oh me oh my ..... this has got to be the longest windy season Grand Cayman has experienced in forever! Kudos to our tour guests for braving it all and having a ball despite the conditions which would be off-putting to less adventurous types!

 Snorkel Grand Cayman

It was a constant tussle between the grey clouds and that gorgeous caribbean sun throughout the excursion. But, it worked out well with the clouds winning during the snorkel site visit and the sun breaking through for our visit to Starfish Point and Stingray City Sandbar - just perfect! We managed to get some truly lovely pictures for our guests and hope they enjoy them!

The sun breaks out for us at Starfish Point in Grand Cayman

The sun breaks out for us at Starfish Point in Grand Cayman