cayman reef resort

Captains Log, Excursions, Starfish Point

14 December 2014 - Shore Excursions Grand Cayman

Tour Time : 08:30am (departed 8:30am)

Guests from : Disney Wonder, Cayman Reef Resort, Grand Cayman Beach Suites, The Island Club

Star Stingray : Frosty

Grand Cayman woke up to island wide grey skies which prompted some booked guests to perform the dreaded "no show" - guests who don't let tour operators know that they will not be joining the tour after all - without letting them know! This causes such frustration and extra cost to a small family company like ours, but we are always determined to remain faithful to the guests who do show! And wow, what an excursion it was!

A Sergeant Major performs a spectacular photo bomb at  Coral Gardens

A Sergeant Major performs a spectacular photo bomb at Coral Gardens

The beautiful Caribbean sun broke through by around 9:00am and the tropical waters were glowing with vibrant colour again, and our vacation visitors were more than ready for the adventure!

The outing was filled with stingrays accompanying our group at the snorkel site, incredibly clear waters at Starfish Point (where everyone was awed by the beautiful beach and the Sea Stars), and Stingray City Sandbar provided snuggles and kisses with "Frosty". One young chap enjoyed the stingrays kisses immensely and kept coming back for more and more (making Frosty feel very good about herself)!

Captain Mario discovered the world of "selfies" today - promptly borrowed some glasses from one of the kids on-board and had a ball with the camera ....... this will be the beginning of many such photos, we are pretty sure!

Captain Mario has discovered selfies ..... oh dear ....

Captain Mario has discovered selfies ..... oh dear ....

Such a delightful tour - it was difficult to choose photos to share. So. We have put them in an album showing some of the best pictures so that you can enjoy them - this is THE LINK to the Flickr album.

Have a special week and Grand Cayman greetings from us all!