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29 APRIL 2015 ... R-E-S-P-E-C-T


This is the name of a great song which most times has a crowd up on their feet joining in and singing at the top of their voices. Awesome song. But it is also the name of an attitude which can sometimes be forgotten.

It is something that we ask our visitors to please remember when visiting the snorkel site - please respect the beauty and fragility around you, respect what nature is giving to you in this beautiful island.

It is something that we ask our guests to show the gorgeous stingrays at the sandbar. These stunning creatures will give you an unforgettable experience - show them respect, and they will reward you with theirs.

It is something that we ask our guests to show the crew - we know our job and we know when it is safe for you to do something and when it is not - please respect their knowledge and the fact they try their best to keep you safe whilst you are having fun.

It is something that we ask guests perhaps changing their minds about doing a tour with us - please respect that we are a family concern. Don't just not show up for bookings. By doing this, you have taken away our ability to earn family income - we need it as much as anyone else does.

 Tours to Stingray City Sandbar in Grand Cayman

It is something that we try to show all our guests - respect for the time they have taken to book with us, respect for the trust that they have put in us to give them a great experience, respect that they have worked hard for the money they will be paying us for our service.

So what is the point of this post?

Please, please, please respect the operators on our island. We work hard for our living and we work hard to provide you with the best we can give you in a very competitive market.

Please DO NOT do as one lady has done today. She booked with three different operators, including us. All great operators trying their best for their guests. She caused chaos for all three operators who were trying to locate her while keeping to their schedule. After much frustration and consternation, it was realised that she had booked with all of them. Her reaction? "So come on now, I want to know who gives me the most for the least - who is going to make me the best offer?"

Captain Mario proceeded to recuse himself from further debate with this lady, and respectfully informed her that he was exercising his right to refuse her attendance on our tour. The rest of our tour guests who had been so understanding in Captain Mario delaying their departure to find this missing guest were delighted at his decision.

Needless to say, Captain Mario was given a lecture about needing to learn respect for people.

But with all due respect, and like most things in life,  you need to give a little to get a little back.

We look forward to giving our guests onboard a great day!


things to do


Captain Mario is a great lover of the sea and it's inhabitants, and assimilates facts about aquatic species like his lungs assimilate oxygen. However, he also has another great love ...... birds!

Over the past weekend when weather made tours impossible, the opportunity to have a drive around the island was greatly enjoyed, and he was delighted to spot some Quaker Parrots on a power line down South Sound. He had not seen any around the island for quite some time, so was doubly delighted by the show they put on ..... one by one they joined others on the power line. As each new Quaker joined the group, the others would side step down the line in unison until their was enough space ..... very sweet to watch.

Quaker Parrots

Quaker Parrots

Yesterday, after a very happy excursion, he went off the a camera shop in South Sound to get some advice on taking photos. Upon arrival there, he heard them again, followed the sound and VOILA - found their nest. 

Also known as Monk Parakeets, these little birds originate from South America, and are believed to have been brought to Grand Cayman as pets. Over the years, some of these have been released and they have now formed breeding groups, establishing breeding colonies mostly on the South-West side of the island. 

They breed in groups of pairs in large shared nests - the girls and boys cannot be told apart. The nests are large and consist of a series of "apartment" - each pair having a "bedroom" and "lounge" area. These birds are vegetarian and will make a meal out of any seed and vegetation.

So it was an awesome start to the week for the Captain - stingrays and Quaker Parrots - what more could he ask for?

Captains Log

11 February 2015 - Like a rough diamond....

As we suspected yesterday, cruise ships were diverted to Spotts again today. Everyone took a deep breath and gave the day their best shot! Weather conditions all rough on the surface, but really quite a delightful tour to be had .....

Tour Time : 9:30am & 2:15pm

Guests from : Carnival Breeze cruise, Brilliance of the Seas, The Sea Breeze condominiums, Grand Cayman Beach Suite and Comfort Suites

Star Stingray : New comer

No Shows : 0 Whoopee!

Our guest enjoys the company of a stingray during the snorkelling stop

Our guest enjoys the company of a stingray during the snorkelling stop

The morning snorkel stop was just fantastic, with so much life happening all around us. Barbara the stingray, and two of her buddies, joined us for this section and played beautifully with our guests (the above photos show how close they come to say hi!). A large Parrot Fish also joined in the fun, and some of the other tropical fish which delighted us with their presence were the Mutton Snapper, the Spotted Trunk Fish, the Grunts. Spanish Hog Fish, Sergeant Majors, Queen Angelfish and the Blue Tangs - just a rainbow of aquatic colours!

Snorkelling in Grand Cayman - huge Parrot Fish, Blue Tang and Queen Angel Fish

Snorkelling in Grand Cayman - huge Parrot Fish, Blue Tang and Queen Angel Fish

The wind was blowing, making the waters choppy, but the colours were brilliant blue and green, a product of the glorious caribbean sun that was shining down on activities.

The glorious result of the caribbean sun shining down on the North Sound in Grand Cayman

The glorious result of the caribbean sun shining down on the North Sound in Grand Cayman

Much like yesterday's morning tour, Starfish Point had to be missed because of time constrictions due the cruise ships being in Spotts. However, this beach was very much enjoyed by our visitors on the afternoon excursion, and they were treated to a stunning amber and pink sunset on the way back to dock.

A Grand Cayman sunset

A Grand Cayman sunset

We always have to say a big thank you to our wonderful guests for choosing us for their tour. We would not be here without you all. Today we invited returning guests who were visiting us for the 4th time, and we cannot be more honoured or happy!