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23 December 2014 - Sea Tours in Grand Cayman

Tour Time : 9:30am & 2:15pm (afternoon tour left late - read about it below!)

Guests from : MSC Divina cruise, Carnival Splendour cruise, Westin Hotel, Plantana Condos, Caribbean Club Condos, Marriott Hotel, Comfort Suites Hotel

Star Stingray : Frosty

Our hearts were heavy that the wind had not yet died down and we expected choppy conditions again for our guests. How we wish the perfect weather for all our excursion guests!

However, the Caribbean sun was doing her best to lighten everyone's spirits, and put on quite a show. Today we visited our "Secret Garden", a beautiful snorkel site which Captain Mario has recently discovered, and boy we were not disappointed! An absolutely gorgeous display of coral formations and tropical fish - this stop was a great highlight of the tour.

Stingray City Sandbar was hugely enjoyed by our guests despite the gusts of wind, and Frosty played a big part in bring smiles to their faces! This is what vacations in Grand Cayman are all about.......

 Tours to Stingray City Sandbar in Grand Cayman
 Tours to Stingray City Sandbar in Grand Cayman

Our afternoon tour ran approximately 30 minutes late as we had stopped to rescue two people in distress. The choppy conditions had taken their toll on their small boat and they were sinking rather quickly despite the best of efforts. Most of our afternoon guests were wonderfully understanding, although some preferred to cancel. Nonetheless, a super time was had and we were hugely rewarded with a beautiful sunset at Starfish Point where the Grand Cayman sun took our breath away, yet again!

A Grand Cayman sunset 

A Grand Cayman sunset 

Captains Log, Excursions, Starfish Point

13 December 2014 - Tours to Stingray City

Tour Time : 10:30am (departed 10:40am - a little late due to trying guests who were MIA)

Guests from : Treasure Island Hotel, Lime Tree Bay, Westin, Marriott

Star Stingray : Snowflake

Today's caribbean skies was a constant battle between radiant Caribbean sun and sulky grey clouds. The winds have weakened but we were still feeling a strong breeze and experiencing choppy waters in the North Sound (see below!). This is Grand Cayman's winter weather......

Kisses and splashes all at the same time at the  Stingray City Sandbar  today!

Kisses and splashes all at the same time at the Stingray City Sandbar today!

However, a good time was had by our tour guests. Captain Mario reports that one had the most infectious laugh he has ever heard, and that this laugh was owned by a really jolly person - so the excursion was one ripple of laughter of the other. How awesome.

 Best snorkel sites in Grand Cayman
 Best snorkel sites in Grand Cayman

The north side of Starfish Point proved unpleasant, so Captain Mario opted for the North Side of the beach. Every captain has "those" days, and Captain Mario put on a display of first - how not to anchor the boat and then a second - exactly how to anchor the boat - to much teasing from those aboard!

It proved to be absolutely worth it! All enjoyed this little piece of caribbean paradise, ogling the starfish in the awesomely translucent water. One vacation visitor even enjoyed a pedicure by a tiny little crab whilst here!

Can you spot the little white crab giving our guest a pedicure at Starfish Point? And just look at the clarity of the water there today!

Can you spot the little white crab giving our guest a pedicure at Starfish Point? And just look at the clarity of the water there today!

These are the kind of moments that make each and every one of our shore excursions in Grand Cayman so unique - and we love it!

So if you are planning your next caribbean holiday, we hope you pop on over and give us something exciting to write about!

Captains Log, Excursions, Starfish Point

10 December 2014 - Stingray City Tours

Tour Time : 9:30am (departed 9:45am due to ships anchoring at Spotts beach)

Guests from : Carnival Freedom, Sunshines Suites Grand Cayman

Star Stingray : Barbara

OH so good to have some tropical sun on our skins which have been rain-soaked over the last few weeks - life is good when the sun is shining!

The tour went well with our guests basking in the sun at one of Grand Cayman's best beaches - Starfish Point. Guests oohed and aaahed at the sea stars, posed for pictures and lost themselves in their Caribbean vacation.

The snorkel site was enjoyed - this day we visited Coral Garden and were joined, once again, by the stingray Barbara. Captain Mario got this sequence of photos of her doing a "flyby"! She later joined the group at the Sandbar and happily snuggled in for all their kisses! Thanks to all our visitors who make each and every excursion awesome!

Our guests enjoying a stroll around Starfish Point

Our guests enjoying a stroll around Starfish Point