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Tropical storm Earl edged his way past Grand Cayman this past week, forcing the cancellation of tours over two days. The ensuing disappointment for guests who could not make it out to Stingray City with us was tough on the morale of the crew, who honestly can't wait to make it out every day.

Nonetheless, conditions on August 4 meant that excursions could start again, although clouds were still a moody gray and the caribbean waters were still choppy - adventuresome guests were ready and waiting to tackle the tour - including this awesome little passenger!

She was full throttle all the way, but everyone can have their limit, and she thoroughly enjoyed this ride back to the boat courtesy of Salvador, one of our amazing deckhands. We think the smile says it all!

A smile like this makes our day .... possibly even our week!

Hitching a ride back to "Big John" with Salvador

Hitching a ride back to "Big John" with Salvador

Starfish Point, starfish, Excursions

3 December 2014

Tour Time : 09:30am (departed 9:35am as we aided another operator to start boat)

Guests from : Celebrity Equinox, Nieuw Amsterdam, Park Place

Star Stingray : Dark Vader

Our tours and excursions to Stingray City and various snorkelling sites in Grand Cayman are never the same, what with meeting new guests and seeing new things every day.

The tropical weather conditions have still not settled down and might not for a couple of days, but we can always hope.

A lot of fun had on this tour with our cruise and hotel guests, one even feeling sorry for 1st Mate Duayne because all the stingrays were getting the kisses and not him. So she plonked one on him - that gave him something to smile about for the rest of the day!

Really, really beautiful colours at Starfish Point - this Cayman beach is just so typically caribbean and breath taking - a tiny bit of paradise.

Everyone had a great time marvelling at the Starfish (Sea Stars) and one little toddler could not get enough kisses onto them - perhaps she was wishing for her prince!

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Only a morning tour today, so the crew are happy to be out again, but still yearning for more. Let's hope that Caribbean sunshine comes back for good real soon!