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This Spotted Trunk Fish leads the way ...

This Spotted Trunk Fish leads the way ...

Dazzling water clarity - this photo was taken on our tour which took place August 7 - a day which makes you fall in love with the Caribbean all over again (and again and again!).

At Sandbar where the world famous Stingray City is, - you will often see the Needle Nose Fish and these little guys darting around, trying to snap up any food the stingrays might have missed. Usually very timid, it is not often that one can get close to them, so it was a delight to get this photo, while chasing him across the sands.

They are rather sweet looking and always look like they are puckering up for a kiss - must be spending too much time around the rays!

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Sunny with stormy clouds. Clear with tropical thunderstorms. Calm with choppy conditions.

Making sense? "Nah bo bo" as they would say locally.

But these are the tropics, and this is mid summer. The scariest question we face at this time of the year? "What will the weather be like today/tomorrow/next week?"

Usually we go through several tropical conditions through the duration of our tours in Grand Cayman, and the best Captain Mario can do is try to guage the optimal timing to visit the different sites included in our excursions. Most times he gets it right, sometimes not - and that is when our guests suddenly realise that one of the reasons we chose a boat with a comfortable inner cabin is so they can take cover from thunder showers.

Below is a photo taken on yesterday's tour showing beautiful caribbean sun highlighting the awesome colours of the sea, while threatening, dark, moody thunderstorms and downpours are clearly visible in the background. Makes for some awesome photography but certainly keeps the crew hopping!!

Ah well, all in a days work. Never boring, always interesting - and love every moment!

Kissing quickly before the rain hits us ... Stingray City in Grand Cayman

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Conch in the sky on tour in Grand Cayman

Conch in the sky on tour in Grand Cayman

We are pretty sure that as youngsters, many of our guests enjoyed finding shapes of things in the clouds in the skies, and are sure that this fun activity gets handed down generation to generation.

During this private tour, we were sad to witness some people poaching conch while at Stingray City - it is not conch season and they are so over harvested that they really need the season to replenish themselves at least a little bit. We hope that places like the Caicos Conch Farm will prove to be a great leader of conch farming so that the wild conch can flourish.

So it was with a bittersweet feeling that we witnessed this beautiful conch shaped cloud on our journey back to dock  - lapping up the beauty of this incredible sight whilst feeling a tinge of sadness that the rule protecting these little creatures had not been observed.

All in all, a stunning end to another amazing tour soaking up the beauty of Grand Cayman!

A beautiful conch shell at  Stingray City  in Grand Cayman

A beautiful conch shell at Stingray City in Grand Cayman


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2 December 2014

Tour Time : 10:30am (departed 10:40am)

Guests from : Marriott Grand Cayman, Independence of the Seas, Carnival Victory, Treasure Island Hotel

Star Stingray : Kisses

What an amazing day for everyone!

The last two weeks has made our crew miserable, with countless shore excursions being cancelled due to a cold front. Grand Cayman does experience particularly moody weather at the end of hurricane season, but this lot has lasted longer than Captain Mario can remember!

So it was with great excitement that we collected our visitors for the day and set off on Big John. Conditions were still topsy-turvy, but guests and crew were ready to take it on!

The snorkel stop at Coral Gardens was immense fun - the stingrays were out in force with 3 or 4 of them providing entertainment and company.

Stingray City was especially awesome!! The Cayman Islands Marine Police had kept the stingray sandbar closed earlier in the morning, but we worked our way round that and returned later - it had been opened and we were just one of two tour operators there! A big whoop went up from our cruise guests - they were SO happy they had come with us instead of with the cruise tours who had missed the experience.

The "girls" were hungry and wanted a lot of attention, and crew and guests were only too happy to dish both out!

This excursion was an absolute delight after having to disappoint to so many island visitors over the last 14 days .... keep the good weather coming Grand Cayman!

Fish photo-bombing and misplaced stingray kisses!

Fish photo-bombing and misplaced stingray kisses!