No day is the same ..... guests often say that our crew must perhaps become occasionally blasé about their job, but this could not be further from the truth. It is a sure bet that on their off-days, the crew can be found somewhere on seas surrounding our caribbean island, enjoying themselves yet again.

Even the tours are different every day - always with guests coming from all corners of the globe, representing a thousand different cultures, careers and personalities, each with their own motivation for travelling to Grand Cayman and seeking out our aquatic creatures.

Our standard tours include a visit to Starfish Point - a stunning and usually sedate caribbean beach on the North Side of Grand Cayman. It is a beach which we believe typifies what a piece  of tropical paradise should look like, and as the name suggests, is a wonderful spot for finding Starfish, newly named Sea Stars as they are not actually fish.

We hosted a chartered tour on September 07 - a truly wonderful crowd who were accommodated at Rum Point - the crew loved every minute with them. Whilst posing for pictures at Starfish Point, our guests noticed a four "armed" starfish (no worries - the 5th one will grow back!), but even more than that, it was it's very unusual marking which had everyone enthralled. Captain Mario could not resist taking a picture of it to share with our readers. Quite a unique find, which we are sure you will agree with!

Best regards from us all!