Captains Log

Storms, stingrays and sunshine........

19 October 2014

Storm and sunshine while on tour in Grand Cayman

Storm and sunshine while on tour in Grand Cayman

Tour Time : 09:00am (departed 09:00am)

Guests from : Disney Wonder, Marriott Grand Cayman

Star Stingray : Snowflake

This tour was the best and the worst - a small crowd of 13 awesome guests (always nice to have a smaller group - THE BEST), but Captain Mario's instinct for the weather and conditions was well tested while he spent the excursion planning how to out-run the squalls all round (THE WORST)!

Because our tours are longer than most, and offer more stops, we have the flexibility to move around any storms that might arise during our rainy season, but it can still be quite a challenge.  The beautiful North Sound (where we snorkel and where Stingray City is situated) can be flat as a pond one day and quite ferocious the next. Captain Mario will cancel tours if he feels conditions are not safe enough, irrespective of financial consequences.

Anyways, our guests on this tour enjoyed themselves - and the photo below shows three downpours on the horizon while our guests bask in the sunlight. Talk about extremes!