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2 February 2015 - Stingray City Video

Tour Time : 9am (standard tour) & 2:30pm (private chartered tour)

Guests from : Caribbean Princess cruise, Westin Hotel, Sunshine Suites, Comfort Suites

Star Stingray : Snowflake

No Shows : 0

Yes! Stunning, stunning, STUNNING conditions in the North Sound today - the kind that take your breath away. Today is about Grand Cayman showing off ...... the island at her most beautiful!

Low winds, the Caribbean sun moderate, the ocean waters so calm and smooth .... these are days of extreme paradise. We get extra excited for our excursion guests when these days come around, and it is hard to believe that just a mere 12 hours ago the North Sound was a seething cauldron of tropical disturbance! We hope you enjoy the short snippet .......