Captains Log, Excursions, Starfish Point


Starfish Point. Coconut trees. Sea stars. Perfect sandy beach. Pretty much a tiny little piece of paradise tucked away on the Northern side of Grand Cayman. What more could you ask for?

Well, Mother Nature is spoiling us once again and made magic happen with some stingrays starting to visit this spot away from Stingray City.

The girl who started it all - Baby Barbara

It all seemed to start a few months back with one of "Barbara's" babies (Captain Mario's favourite stingray). Barbara has a genetic fault which leaves her without a tail, and as such, her offspring can be easily identified. Baby Barbara was really still quite small, and the crew left her alone, not bringing much attention to her in the hopes of not scaring her away, but always keeping an eye open for her to make sure she was doing okay.

Sea stars AND stingrays at Starfish Point!

Happy to report she has been doing fabulously and seems to have tweeted some other pals to come along to this beautiful beach as well. It is fun to see guest reactions when they are posing with sea stars and suddenly have a stingray swim past them - reactions can be pretty dramatic and Youtube worthy (now there's a thought!). But all in all, we think it must come close to being one of the best Caribbean moments possible and should be rounded off by a famous Mudslide of course!

Have to thank the "girls" for this added attraction at Starfish Point - it was always a favourite spot for us, but it has now become even better!