Captains Log, Stingrays


Our last post showcased a video of a glory day in Grand Cayman ..... now you can see a really glum day in the caribbean! 

A glum day in Grand Cayman

A glum day in Grand Cayman

Tour Time : 9:30am

Guests from : MSC Divina Cruise Ship, Marriott Grand Cayman Beach Resort, Coral Stone Club Condominiums

Star Stingray : Lilly (Dwayne's favourite)

No Shows : 0

Talk about 50 shades of grey .... and none of them particular saucy! We woke to grumpy skies and cheeky winds which stirred up the waters and lowered the temps!

Kudos to our awesome guests who turned up despite this - they were determined to have a good time, and we were determined to make that happen. So nice to have "Barbara" the stingray back in circulation again - she went missing for a short while, and were concerned for her - she joined us both at the snorkel site as well as at the sandbar.

Close up of "Barbara" - Captain Mario's favourite girl!

Close up of "Barbara" - Captain Mario's favourite girl!

The clarity of the water at the snorkel site was good though, and our excursion guests had a good time admiring the coral and tropical fish, and were thrilled at the company of some stingrays. Captain Mario managed to some lovely snorkelling photos for our visitors, and we hope they they keep the memories alive for a long time - come back soon, you hear?!

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