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 Cayman Islands - Quick Facts

It is shameful to say that getting into a rut can happen anywhere, even on a stunning caribbean island. When one is constantly bombarded via news sites about atrocities occurring world wide, day in, day out, it is almost a responsibility and a duty to break the routine and make sure you get out there and enjoy the awesome life that we have. Our lives may not be perfect, we may not be 100% satisfied with what we have achieved, and we may unfairly and self-degradingly be buying into not being as "good as the next guy", but so many of us have the luxury of living without the threat of constant hunger, without constant threat to our lives and property, and instead have the luxury of living in a mostly civilised and democratic society, where we can watch awesome beauty and watch our children play, grow and develop in the middle of it all. We can still have dreams. 

And so, our little family "bust out" and broke the routine by spending a couple of hours before sunset floating in the Caribbean seas along Seven Mile Beach this past Saturday. And in this little window of time, we spied so many pieces of life going on, so much beauty, and just marvelled at it all.

Governor's beach looked quite crowded, so we opted to drive a little further down West Bay Road. There is a little path that runs down alongside Plantana Condominiums and provides public access to the beach. Children can also remind us of the fun contained in the simplest of tasks, and so, we enjoyed counting the stepping stones all the way to the coral sands with our little girl showing off her brand new counting skills. Once on the beach, it was straight into the gorgeous waters to splash around and people watch, with the first bout of giggles and laughter being brought on by a puppy gone wild in the sand (much to the delight of a watching toddler): 


Not more than a few metres from this delightful sight, was a gentleman putting on a display of the biggest soap bubbles we have ever seen! Complete with bucket and two fishing rods (and apparently a recipe off the internet), he was producing enormous soap bubbles which had kids and adults alike watching in awe. We immediately decided that we are going to have to master this trick so that we can become heroes to our little girl - will let you know if we get it right!


An awesome life was on the go all around us. Vacationers were spread out on beach beds, melting away their stress reading books or sipping cocktails. Island residents were keeping fit by either jogging, walking and swimming. The more adventurous were paddle boarding,  and some even practicing their yoga postures on boards! And all of this while watching the progress of a stunning sunset ......

When it was time to make our way home, it was with hearts full of thanks for living the lives that we have, with a little less weariness from the day of work, and a greater awe for nature. Don't forget to enjoy each moment of luck in your lives .......

 Cayman Islands - Quick Facts