We do not cancel tours for fun or on a whim. We are a family business and rely financially on every tour that goes out. We understand that when there is sun in the sky and Seven Mile Beach looks like a pool, guests might become angry and frustrated when we cancel tours due to unsafe weather conditions. We understand if you are on a once in a life time cruise vacation and just can't bear the thought of missing something as special as Stingray City.

But safety must come first.

When we posted this collage onto our Facebook page on March 6 at 9:30pm, little did we know about a missing sea vessel which was causing a swell of concern.

Below is the photo that we used to make a point - the photos on the left were taken at around 11:00am and the photos on the right at about 4:30pm - same tour, same stops, but completely different conditions.

Tropical weather - and how it can change within hours

Tropical weather - and how it can change within hours

These are the tropics, and weather can change from idyllic to quite the opposite within just a few hours.

Captain Mario remembers quite clearly a small fishing boat making its way across the North Sound during his morning tour. He remembers its shape which was a little different from the normal design. He remembers a guest asking why the boat was all blue. He remembers wondering where they were off to and hoping it was not far.

We are praying with all our might while our hearts grow colder with dread with each passing hour. We pray for the safe return of all 5 occupants, but mostly for the young children on board, going out on their first fishing trip. Come home. Come back. Come wipe away the frowns of worry, come wipe away the tears of fear. Come tell us it is not true.