I CAN SEE YOU........

Our tours take visitors to Grand Cayman for snorkelling excursions on a daily basis, and unless REALLY unruly weather has been experienced, everyone remarks on how wonderful the visibility is. The photo below is a fine example of just how clear our beautiful Caribbean waters are and how close you get to the tropical fish in the area.

 Snorkel tours and excursions in Grand Cayman

Each day, Captain Mario will determine which will be the best snorkel site to visit that day. There are many factors that may influence his decision, but the decision is always made with the pleasure of the guests as a priority.

Our crew will explain the equipment to you, and will help you put it on if you are unfamiliar with snorkelling. They will defog the masks for you and help you into the water, and at least one crew member is in the water with you at all times. So come along with us and enjoy meeting these inquisitive little critters - they really are awfully cute!