snorkel, Stingrays

31 January 2015 - GO AWAY, HUMAN BEING!

Tour Time : 10:30am

Guests from : Aida Bella Cruise

Star Stingray : Kim

No Shows : 0

Tough conditions today for our excursion guests, but kudos to our guests for getting out there and giving it all they could!

Captain Mario found a sleepy stingray during the stop at the stingray site. The stingray found his presence somewhat annoying, gave him the hairy eyeballs and moved on - and Captain Mario got it all in pictures which was pretty cool.

It looks like tomorrow's tour is to be cancelled due to worsening conditions. Again. NOT COOL. Let's hope we can get everyone out there on Monday.

Have a super weekend!

Sleepy stingray ..... NOT impressed with being disturbed (snorkelling in Grand Cayman)