Stingrays, snorkel


If you have read the Captain's Log recently, you will know we have been suffering a truly long and horrible tropical cold front for longer than we care to think about. Very high winds blowing in the wrong direction meant that the North Sound was very inhospitable to tours and excursions, and many of our guests were left disappointed at cancellations. However, we refuse to put financial considerations before safety of our guests ...... ever.

So, today's tour under blue skies and Caribbean sun was an absolute delight, and everyone island wide were in the mood for fun and frolic - including Barbara the stingray, it would seem.

Barbara and Stumpy have been joining us quite regularly at our snorkel stops lately, playing "tag" with the guests and generally being inquisitive. Today Barbara joined us again, before flirting with Captain Mario and allowing him to take her over to the guests for a meet and greet. Barbara is Captain Mario's favourite, and she knows it, giving him puppy dog looks and kisses. She also followed us over to the Sandbar at Stingray City where she continued to work her charm on our tour guests.

Our deckhand JR captured these awesome pictures of the interaction and we hope you enjoy!