Starfish Point, Captains Log

19 December 2014 - Shore Excursions to Stingray City

Tour Time : 14:00am (departed 14:40am)

Guests from : Marriott, Westin

Star Stingray : Snowflake

Oh my - how nice to see the sun come out again! The long, nasty cold front that has besieged Grand Cayman in waves for so long now looks to be moving on, and the Caribbean sun is making a comeback!

We are certain that you can identify with days when no matter how well you plan, everything just seems to go wrong! The lethargy of the island doldrums seems to have affected everyone, and the return of the sun appears to have affected all - like a deer staring into headlights .... somewhat stunned. 

And so it was that busses did not collect guests on time and the tour started late. Some things are beyond our control, but giving our tour guests the best possible excursion experience despite a less than perfect start is an absolutely a must!

Our guests found the snorkel sight good and enjoyed the company of the stingray called Barbara who seems to come visit us every day now. Visibility was not 100% but good enough for our guests to enjoy. The sandbar gave us the chance to feed some eager stingrays, and our guests got their fair share of kisses (earning 7 years good luck!).

Starfish Point provided an incredible Caribbean vacation backdrop for the photos there - the sunset turning the surroundings into a beautiful dusky pink.

All in all, a great tour with truly wonderful guests - can't wait to do it again tomorrow!