Excursions, Captains Log

10 February 2015 - Spott the problem!

Tour Time : 10:30am - turned into 11am - read why below!

Guests from : Carnival Victory Cruise, Costa Luminosa Cruise, Residents

Star Stingray : Snowflake

No Shows : 6 - Independence of the Seas sailed into the horizon without stopping

(1) Our dock  (2) Royal Watler Cruise Terminal  (3) Spotts

(1) Our dock  (2) Royal Watler Cruise Terminal  (3) Spotts

Days like today are tough. Certain weather conditions mean that the cruise ships anchor out at Spotts - and chaos takes over!

The above map shows you the logistics when this happens. # 2 is where we normally collect our cruise guests from the Royal Watler Terminal downtown George Town. The coastal stretch from # 2 to # 1 is the route we cover to collect guests from hotels and/or condos on route to "Big John" berthed at the Cayman Islands Yacht Club. # 3 is Spotts, where, on days like today, the cruise ships set anchor. Hoo boy .... fun and games!

To start off, the ships would usually have set anchor later than scheduled. Next problem is that  the collection at Spotts adds at least 20 minutes travel time, one way. Added to that, the public buses that help transport guests from George Town are restricted from running this side of the island - so the hunt begins for reliable transport. The cherry on the top? There is no WIFI at Spotts which means that the instant communication that we tour operators rely on to stay available to their guests is now not so instant. You can imagine the knock-on effect this has for all the tour operators on island! They all look pretty haggard by the end of the day .......

But our crew is a robust and tough one, and there is not much that can prevent them from having a good time on excursion with visitors. They appreciate the fact that their guests have come a long way, and have probably been saving for a long time, for this experience. Starfish Point had to be missed due to the ensuing time constrictions, however, Stingray City with Snowflake the stingray was a huge success, and the snorkelling at Coral Gardens greatly enjoyed. Best spot of the day (excuse the pun)? A large Barracuda lazily drifting through our snorkelling crowd ...... 

We have a niggling suspicion that tomorrow will offer a repeat of today, but can only hope not. Either way, we look forward to meeting our guests and giving the best experience we can!

A very large Barracuda lazily swims through our snorkel crowd at the Coral Garden in Grand Cayman

A very large Barracuda lazily swims through our snorkel crowd at the Coral Garden in Grand Cayman