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Sucks not being able to breathe.

THAT is why we emphasise to our guests to keep the precious Sea Stars in the water. Taking them out of the water is the same as someone holding your head under water - not a good feeling.

Imagine having your head pushed under water all day long, again and again.

They do not belong on your head and are also not rugby balls to be kicked around.

We need to look after life, no matter what form. Just look at these stunning specimens we found for our guests visiting Starfish Point. This is what we want our guests to enjoy, this is the heritage we want to leave to the future generations.

Keep them in the water folks - karma will be kinder.

Starfish Point in Grand Cayman

Starfish Point in Grand Cayman

Gorgeous to look at, so special to hold, but keep in them in the water, so they can grow old

For more on this subject, check out what the kids are saying ...... LINK

Captains Log, Starfish Point, starfish

A rare find at Starfish Point

It has been a little time since we last blogged. There has been plenty to blog about, but so little time to actually put it together.

To begin with, we are so, so grateful to have seen the worst of the weather gone. That was a very tough few months and some of the worst conditions that we have experienced in decades. Needless to say, every hour of Caribbean sun that we are getting now is LOVED (I am sure island visitors are feeling the same!).

 Starfish Point has been exquisite and we have shared a ton of photos with our guests - we provide them free of charge and we hope that they love their vacation photos.

This week, Captain Mario also found this cutie there - he did not recognise it, but we contacted the Department of Environment and they identified it as a Two Spined Sea Star :

Two spined sea star at Starfish Point in Grand Cayman

Two spined sea star at Starfish Point in Grand Cayman

The photo not only captures how beautiful it is, but also how clear the waters have been this week (more photos below!).

This fellow is nocturnal and usually only comes out of hiding in the sand at night to enjoy it's prey - it is a carnivore and likes to munch on molluscs and gastropods such as the queen conch. It transfers its prey to its mouth using it's arms and swallows it whole, later regurgitating undigested leftovers.

It was a great little find and we have enjoyed sharing the pics and the info with you!

Caribbean Cushion Sea Star at Starfish Point in Grand Cayman

Caribbean Cushion Sea Star at Starfish Point in Grand Cayman


As we were saying above, we have been blessed over the last two weeks with great conditions (this past Wednesday being the only day that was so bad we had to cancel tours), and we promised to share some photos - so here they are - enjoy!

Enjoying a stingray snuggle in Grand Cayman

Enjoying a stingray snuggle in Grand Cayman

One of the "ladies" at Stingray City in Grand Cayman

One of the "ladies" at Stingray City in Grand Cayman

DIY stingray kiss at the Sandbar in Grand Cayman

DIY stingray kiss at the Sandbar in Grand Cayman

Fire coral at the reef in Grand Cayman

Fire coral at the reef in Grand Cayman

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24 January 2015 - Caribbean Paradise day!

Tour Time : 9:30am

Guests from : Treasure Island, Wahoo Close, Self Drive

Star Stingray : Snowflake

No Shows : 0

Starfish Point in  Grand Cayman  - water so quiet the one person causes ripples ....

Starfish Point in Grand Cayman - water so quiet the one person causes ripples ....

Yesterday was the day to take "Big John" out of the water for his insurance survey and inspection, so no tours. All went well, but quite sad to see him out of water .... he truly belongs in it!

And what a day to return to the Caribbean waters! Grand Cayman produced one of those very special and awesome days where the colours were brilliant, the ocean clear and the breeze almost still.

 Things to do in Grand Cayman
 Things to do in Grand Cayman

On top of these awesome conditions for today's tour, our guests were absolutely amazed to witness a baby nurse shark and four turtles - we hope that our visitor send us some of the video footage that they managed to get of this!

Starfish Point was the little piece of paradise that we always love to share, with water so calm that even one person caused ripples wide across the water's surface.

Stingray City was flat, sparkling and stunning, and Snowflake was the most gracious host and everyone fell in love with her - who could not?

Conditions were so good, that the office staff demanded to be taken out after the morning tour, and we shall shortly post some of the photos taken in the afternoon!

 Best things to in Grand Cayman Islands

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18 January 2015 - Private Chartered Tour in Grand Cayman

Tour Time : 9:30am

Guests from : The Ritz Carlton - Grand Cayman - private chartered tour to Stingray City Sandbar, one snorkel stop and a visit to Rum Point

Star Stingray : A newcomer - to be named

Each day, our tours present our crew with so many variables - we have island visitors from all over the world, arriving by cruise ship or plane, coming on vacation, for work or perhaps a destination wedding - no day is dull and each tour is special. Throw into that mix the fact that nature is always a surprise and you will understand why the crew love their jobs.

But, we have to admit, that some excursions simply defy words. On these days, everything goes according to plan - the weather is awesome, the timing is perfect, the caribbean ocean surprises us with more of her beauty and the stingray kisses are even sweeter than normal. Today's tour was one of those ......

It is far simpler (and probably way more effective) to let the photos do all the talking, so that's just what we'll do! Enjoy!

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It has been a busy few days since the eve of the New Year loomed way more quickly then we  had expected! Island visitors have been eager to bust out into the Caribbean sun and grab excursions to Grand Cayman's best snorkel sites and of course, to kiss the stingrays at the sandbar! Today's post will contain some of the images we have taken during our tours over 30-31 December and yesterday - we take great delight in sharing these with our guests and with you! Pictures often speak louder than words ..... enjoy!

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3 December 2014

Tour Time : 09:30am (departed 9:35am as we aided another operator to start boat)

Guests from : Celebrity Equinox, Nieuw Amsterdam, Park Place

Star Stingray : Dark Vader

Our tours and excursions to Stingray City and various snorkelling sites in Grand Cayman are never the same, what with meeting new guests and seeing new things every day.

The tropical weather conditions have still not settled down and might not for a couple of days, but we can always hope.

A lot of fun had on this tour with our cruise and hotel guests, one even feeling sorry for 1st Mate Duayne because all the stingrays were getting the kisses and not him. So she plonked one on him - that gave him something to smile about for the rest of the day!

Really, really beautiful colours at Starfish Point - this Cayman beach is just so typically caribbean and breath taking - a tiny bit of paradise.

Everyone had a great time marvelling at the Starfish (Sea Stars) and one little toddler could not get enough kisses onto them - perhaps she was wishing for her prince!

 Things to do on vacation in Grand Cayman

Only a morning tour today, so the crew are happy to be out again, but still yearning for more. Let's hope that Caribbean sunshine comes back for good real soon!