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Everyone gets into the Christmas mood in Grand Cayman ....

Everyone gets into the Christmas mood in Grand Cayman ....

December has arrived, and along with it all the excitement that goes with Christmas! Many visitors and residents to our gorgeous caribbean island find it quite interesting to adjust to a warm Noel - not least trying explain to the small kiddies how Santa secretly gets into houses that don't have chimneys!

During this festive season, there are numerous events to attend to bring out the cheer in everyone. One of the highlights would be the Parade of Lights held at Camana Bay where boats adorned with all forms of seasonal colours and decorations parade for the public to enjoy.

Not to be missed are the awesome and magical displays of christmas lights that some of the houses put on show. Some of these are so large we reckon they must only just finish putting them away a day before they start taking them out again for the next christmas! "Ooohs" and "aaaahs" are to be heard everywhere you go, and it is a wonder to see the looks of awe and delight on children's faces.

We shall add some links to Grand Cayman event calendars below and hope that you all find something to make this christmas with us special. We wish everyone a safe, happy, healthy and loved Noel and hope to take you out for some christmas kisses with the stingrays!

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We also support a wonderful animal welfare organisation called Canine Friends - they work endlessly to help find homes for unwanted dogs and cats who might otherwise face a less than happy end. Feeling in the  mood to splash out on a donation that does good? You can never know how much good it will do, and we thank you in advance!!!

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20 January 2015 - BABY KISSES & STINGRAYS!

Always a complete delight to host the young adventurers that come out on our tours ..... we hope that our love for nature and the beautiful sea creatures leaves a mark and a memory forever.

Tour Time : 11:30am

Guests from : Celebrity Reflection Cruise, Grand Cayman Marriott Beach Resort, Sunshines Suites

Star Stingray : Snowflake

No Shows : 2

Snorkelling at the  Coral Gardens  in Grand Cayman

Snorkelling at the Coral Gardens in Grand Cayman

A lovely, relaxed excursion today - the sun was doing the Caribbean proud - with only 13 guests on board the interaction was even more personal than normal.

The snorkelling at the Coral Gardens was spectacular, with inquisitive tropical fish eager to say hi. Beautiful coral formations witnessed - an incentive to work harder at protecting the Reef for certain.

Loved our little adventurer on-board today and what a kiss Snowflake the stingray was given! We hope that somewhere in that young mind, the memory will remain for years to come, and that he will  treasure this very special moment.

A truly great day out with our island visitors today - we hope they had as good a time as we did!

This little adventurer was all hands with Snowflake the Stingray - awesome!

This little adventurer was all hands with Snowflake the Stingray - awesome!