Grand Cayman excursions

Snorkelling Grand Cayman Coral Gardens

The water here is between 6 and 10 feet deep and offers great visibility, which makes snorkelling here an easy experience. We position "Big John" so close to this site that you literally slide off the boat straight into a breathtaking waterscape.

Grand Cayman is proud to have some of the best snorkel sites in the world, and Coral Gardens is top of the list. This spot has a large concentration of tropical fish and every species of Caribbean fish is represented here. The is site is also a very popular nursery for these Reef residents, providing a safe haven for juveniles to grow into adults.

Some of the fish found in these snorkel sites are the Parrot Fish, Sergeant Majors, Angel Fish (all varieties), the Scrawled File Fish, the Needle Nose, the Surgeon Fish and the Box Fish. Lobsters are also found in these areas, as are the Southern Stingrays and the Eagle Rays (between November and April).