Stingray City Tours Grand Cayman

Grand Cayman has loads of fantastic things to do, and a wide choice of excursion operators to do them with. Finding that special one can leave travellers exhausted before they even start their Caribbean vacation - naturally, each island guest wishes to get the best experience that their hard earned money can afford!

The many tours and excursions to Stingray City Sandbar (easily the best attraction in the Cayman Islands) offer something for each island visitor - options that can suit your particular holiday budget, quest for adventure or passion.

Stingray City Sandbar


Ask yourself:

  • What are my favourite things to do? If you love snorkelling and the sea, find a tour that includes those activities - don't waste precious time looking at land-based excursions
  • How long do I have? Cruise passengers are often restricted by the length of time their ship is in port - work out your itinerary and how much time you want to dedicate to a tour
  • What is my budget? A vacation budget is essential - work out what you are happy to pay, save for it and stick to the budget!
  • How fit am I? Water sports and outdoor activities are main attractions on Caribbean holidays - choose excursions which suit your level of physical fitness - vacations are for relaxing, not exerting yourself beyond healthy limits. And remember - it is hot out there!
  • How do I want to experience this? These options are limitless but deciding this beforehand  will help define your search. Do you want to round up a group of people to do a private tour? Is your preference a motor boat which is faster and allows you to see more? Are you an extrovert who aims for maximum crowds or do you want a more personal tour?

This is a great way to start narrowing your search to find the excursion that best suits your tastes and pocket. 

Which experience do you prefer??

Which experience do you prefer??

Shore Excursions Grand Cayman

Before reserving the first (or cheapest) tour you can find, perhaps ask yourself the following questions:

  •  WILL I FEEL SAFE DOING THIS EXCURSION? Responsible Stingray City operators will ensure that they are licensed by (and act in accordance with the laws) of the Cayman Islands Port Authority and the Cayman Island Department of Environment
  • WHAT IS INCLUDED IN THE PRICE OF THE TOUR? Make sure there are no "hidden" costs e.g. do you need to pay to use on-board snorkel equipment, are photos and refreshments an extra expense?
  • DO I GET MAXIMUM VALUE FOR MY MONEY? How many sites does the excursion include and what do I get to see?
  • WHAT IS THE DURATION OF THE TOUR? Some tour operators might advertise a longer tour time than others, but this may include the time it takes to transport you to the boat. This may, or may not, suit you.
  • WILL THE CREW ASSIST ME? For some visitors, Stingray City and snorkeling might be a little beyond their comfort zone - will the crew assist me and be in the water with me?
  • IS THIS TOUR OPERATOR RECOMMENDED? Read up reviews on tour operators - no tour operator can please everyone all of the time, but reading reviews will give you a very good general "feel" for the excursion operator and it's crew.