Cayman Islands History Colourful and interesting

The Cayman Islands rose to fame over the last 40-50 years as a tourist destination and world financial centre.

However, all the way back from the 1500's, the Cayman Islands were navigational landmarks to sailors from Spain, England, France and Holland. The numerous turtles found in these Caribbean waters provided tasty and prized fresh meat for the heavily rationed sailors. Christopher Columbus is believed to be the first European to sight the islands in 1503.

Over the next 200 years, the Cayman Islands became known to adventurers and explorers for their abundance of turtles and fierce crocodiles (Caimanos - after which the islands got their name).

In the 1700's, the Cayman Islands become a source of mahogany wood transported to Jamaica.

Other industries which have supported the past generations have been cotton plantations and the rope making industry. The 1800's saw shipbuilding and turtling skills of the locals being in great demand, with Caymanian Seamen enjoying worldwide reputations as superb sailors.

Source : Cayman Islands National Archive 

Source : Cayman Islands National Archive