Grand Cayman shore excursions

Snorkelling Grand Cayman The Reef

The Caribbean sea of Grand Cayman is a trove of sea treasures and beauty spots. So many things to do - but one of them has got to be snorkelling at the Reef. Whether you take an excursion or a private chartered tour, this is an activity not to be missed.

Water depth at this site varies from 10 - 0 feet as the coral formations rise and break through the surface.

Boat wrecks, friendly Moray Eels, Snappers and Groupers are just a small taste on the snorkelling "menu" here. Superb visibility allows you a surreal experience of nature at work.

The fish here are often larger than those found at Coral Gardens where the fish grow to "teenagers" before finding adventure in the Reef.

Not much of a swim required to get to the best spots - and then you will be in awe!