Booby Cay the place to be for sunset

This tiny little "island" is found in the North Sound of Grand Cayman.

It is split from the main land by a small channel, some 30 feet deep (which is also the deepest part of the North Sound!). This uninhabited island is approximately 0.5 miles square and named after the Booby Bird which uses it as a nesting colony.

Situated south-west of Starfish Point, it provides an awesome viewing point from the boat for spectacular Cayman sunsets. The water in the channel is always flat because it is so protected by the mangrove which flourishes on the island.

Historically, boats used for turtle hunting were brought to this spot for maintenance - the boat would be "flipped" from one side to the other to facilitate repairs to the keel without having to remove it from the water - ingenious! To this day, this spot is still used by locals as a "hurricane hole" for their vessels.

Booby Bird Grand Cayman