Cayman Islands Fast Facts

About the Cayman Islands

There are three sister islands (102 sq miles total):

  • Grand Cayman (22 miles long x 4 miles wide)
  • Cayman Brac and
  • Little Cayman

George Town is the capital. The Cayman Islands are British Overseas Territory.

 Grand Cayman excursions

Latitude/Longitude : 19° 16' N, 81° 22' W

Just 1 hour's flight from Miami, situated in the Western Caribbean, south of Cuba

Weather : The islands enjoy a tropical climate year round. The hottest month is August, while October is the wettest month. Hurricane season is 1st June to 30th November.

Currency : Cayman Islands Dollar (KYD)US cash is accepted on the islands, however, you will usually receive your change in Cayman Dollars - CI$1.00 = US$1.20

Time : Eastern Standard Time (EST) - the island DO NOT practice daylight saving (UTC/GMT -5 hours)

Language : English is the official language of the Cayman Islands

Dialling Code : +1-345-xxx-xxxx

National symbols include the Cayman Parrot, the Silver Thatch Palm and the Wild Banana Orchid.

Cayman Islands Flag : This was adopted in 1959, shortly after the Coat of Arms was adopted. There are two versions - the blue is for use on land, and the red is for use at sea.